A Wheelchair Alteration Can Keep You On the Go

About 3.6 million people in the US use wheelchairs for mobility. Many of those people are very active. For those people that do not let being in a wheelchair stop them from experiencing life, a wheelchair alteration is almost always necessary.

Wheelchair alterations can range from simply adding new wheelchair arm pads or all terrain tires for wheelchairs to complete overhauls. The wheelchair alteration that you do largely depends on what you hope to get out of your wheelchair.

What Do You Want Your Wheelchair to Do?

Many people make a wheelchair alteration or two just to make their chairs more comfortable. Adding things like wheelchair comfort cushions and new wheelchair hand rim grips can really ramp up the comfort. For other people, the wheelchair alteration that they make is a little more extreme.

The good news is whatever your reason for improving upon your current wheelchair is there are plenty of parts that are out there that can help. Whether you are ready for some more inclusive travel options and want to be comfortable on your journey or are ready for a performance wheelchair that can get you back on the court, there are options for modifications.

Comfort and Performance

The right wheelchair alteration will not require that you choose between comfort and performance. You can have both. You do not have to sacrifice one for the other. Customizing your wheelchair can improve your mobility and help to keep you self-reliant.

There is a wide range of alterations that will not only improve your comfort but highly improve the function of your wheelchair. The right tires, wheelchair backrests, wheelchair brake options, and more can improve your wheelchair for both comfort and operation.

Simple Fixes

To upgrade, update, or repair your wheelchair can be easier than you think. High-quality wheelchair parts can get your wheelchair up to speed. The process of wheelchair alterations is simple and can usually be completed with some simple hand tools.

There is no reason why you should not have a wheelchair that suits your lifestyle. Customizations can get expensive when you have them done by the manufacturer. Doing wheelchair alterations on your own can save you hundreds of dollars and put you in a chair that helps add to your mobility.

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