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Binocular Vision Dysfunction Explained

A condition that is somewhat common is binocular vision dysfunction. Some symptoms are eye strain, sleepiness, light sensitivity, dizziness, among many others. This can be particularly troubling with driving, as panic attacks can be triggered.

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As frustrating as it may be, it can be hard to diagnose for some doctors, leaving you feeling confused after not knowing why you’re experiencing these symptoms.

Your eyes and brain work as a team. When your eyes aren’t working as efficiently as they should be, it overstimulates your brain, which triggers these unwanted side effects. Your brain is constantly taking in what each of your eyes is seeing and puts it into one “image.” If one of your eyes is off and not exactly showing what the other eye is, that’s where issues arise. Binocular vision is the discrepancy between your eyes, which affects the brain in a negative way, and ultimately gives your mind a difficult time processing what it sees.

Treating binocular vision dysfunction is done by getting glasses fitted to correct the discrepancy between your eyes. It seems like a rather easy fix that makes your life significantly better. What seems like a difficult hindrance can be dealt with rather easily!.

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