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All About a Rehabilitation Care Group Columbus OH Can Count On

You can contact them when you need help recovering from addiction, physical injury, diminished sight, and other health problems. Six physicians comprise the group and offer services in seven medical specialties, including addiction rehabilitation, emergency help, family health service, obstetrics & gynecology care, occupational therapy, orthopedic surgery, and sports medicine.

A group of six doctors formed the rehabilitation care group Columbus OH. Each has decades of experience and wants to provide individualized healthcare to patients requiring long-term treatment to overcome their physical health challenges or substance addiction. The group doctors believe that patients have more success in overcoming addiction and getting back to their normal lives when provided with first-class, compassionate care on an outpatient basis rather than entering an inpatient program that runs over one to three months because not everyone recovers at the same rate.

At a rehabilitation care group Columbus OH, patients can take all the time they need to recover while living at home and attending treatments according to their individualized plan. The group was formed with the aim of overcoming the drawback of inpatient rehabilitation programs. The doctors want to provide a place where the patient can re-learn life and coping skills without leaving home and reduce the fear of relapsing. The doctors believe this type of rehabilitation care is more successful long term and helps them return to their families and jobs to resume productive lives.

The First Step Is Admitting You Need Help

Addiction takes over your whole life. It is not easy to admit you are an addict, especially when you are still under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You may feel fine and not see the problem, but if your family members are constantly nagging you to stop drinking or you wake up in the morning, and your first thought is where and how to score your first drink or fix, then it may be time to admit to yourself that you need help. Once you take that step, help is just a phone call away.

Rehabilitation care group, Columbus OH, offers compassionate, quality care to patients who seek help with addiction to alcohol or opiates. Their alcohol treatment center offers a “no judgment” approach to make you feel comfortable talking about your addiction. Their treatment plans are individualized, so you don’t have to worry about fitting into some “cookie-cutter” generic treatment program. You may even continue to work and lead your life normally while under their care.

You will have access to medications that help reduce withdrawal symptoms, counseling to address the underlying causes of your addiction, and provide ongoing mental health care. You also don’t have to leave home to participate in the program. It means that you will be able to stay in your environment and continue working. The program also costs less than the regular rehab programs.

Don’t Let Substances Have the Power Over You

Drug and substance abuse can be overwhelming, and quitting is very difficult. Even after months or years of staying sober, some patients can relapse and pick up the habit again. The best way to stop the substance from having power over you is by getting some help from professionals.

The physicians at the rehabilitation care group Columbus OH, understand addiction’s anatomy and its effects on patients and their families. They believe that addiction is like a disease, and they provide medication-assisted treatment that has been proven successful in the majority of patients. Treating addiction as a disease makes it more likely that you will quit for good when you stop using the substance. By providing patients with medications that help reduce the effects of drug withdrawals and enable them to work and lead a normal life, the road to recovery happens much faster and has fewer relapses.

Your personalized opioid treatment will address the three Cs of addiction–Control, Craving, and Continued use, giving you the maximum chance of beating your addiction for good. When you follow the treatment, your withdrawal effects will be less; your cravings will reduce, and the counseling sessions you can attend in person or digitally will ensure you have sufficient coping skills to not resort to drugs or drinking again.

Addiction Can Disrupt Your Mind and Body

Alcohol and drug addiction cause many changes in the brain and the body. Different drugs affect the body in different ways. Some substances, like alcohol and opiates, have long-term effects, and some may have short-term effects. People use drugs and alcohol for many reasons, but mostly to deal with emotional pain and trauma.

Drugs impact the way you think and feel emotions. They also affect the way you act. Taking addictive substances can make you feel good and in control for a while, but as time passes, you develop tolerance to the substance and need to take more of it to get the same amount of pleasure. Addictive substances cause physical changes within the receptors in the brain that regulate your reward centers. That is why you need more substance to get the same result as when you first took it. Eventually, drugs can damage your brain structures severely, resulting in brain damage.

The treatment of drug or alcohol addiction can take a long period. Most of the time, the fundamental disruption of brain function caused by drugs or alcohol cannot be fixed within one to three months, which is how long many of the regular rehab programs are and why they fail. Attending a local rehab therapy facility will ensure that you can access it easily and will be less likely to stop treatment prematurely.

That is a plus, even if you don’t need addiction therapy but need help with rehabilitation for physical problems. rehabilitation care group Columbus OH, also provides local physical therapy rehab services for people recovering from physical disabilities caused by accidents or diseases. Their physical rehabilitation programs also extend to athletes who are carrying sports injuries.

Move Toward Lifelong Independence

As you get older, depending on circumstances, you may need to make that final decision to leave your home to move to a place where someone can take care of you. Giving up your independence is not easy, even when you know you cannot cope living on your own.

Assisted living facilities may be the answer for people with disabilities who need specific help with activities of daily living while letting them remain as independent as possible. The service assists patients who need help getting dressed, cooking meals, or cleaning the house but do not need 24-hour nursing care. It is more personalized than what a retirement community living can offer and lets you stay in your own home for a longer time without needing to move to a nursing home.

The assisted living facilities offer 24 hours a day support and access to care. You can be helped anytime during the day or night. At the same time, privacy and independence are encouraged.

Protect Your Vision and Hearing

Having an eye exam at least once a year is important as you get older. Regular eye examinations can pick up any problems developing and provide treatment early in the disease, which often means you will get much better treatment outcomes.

The eye doctors at rehabilitation care group Columbus OH, can assist you with any problems related to vision loss. Whether you need glasses or contact lenses to improve your vision, they will be able to advise you. You can also access their eye treatment clinic on the premises.

If your vision is already impaired, you can contact them to help you cope living with low vision. The Rehabilitation Care Group Provides occupational therapy services to patients that teach coping skills to let patients keep their independence while managing vision loss.

The same goes for hearing. If your hearing deteriorates without you doing anything about it, your quality of life will decrease.

It’ll Help You Stay Out of the Hospital

Seeking medical assistance from rehabilitation care group Columbus OH, will help you address your medical needs on an outpatient basis. It means you will be able to stay in your home while receiving medical treatment for as long as needed. Of course, if your condition is serious or life-threatening and cannot be treated on an outpatient basis, you will be advised to get to the nearest hospital.

You will have access to trained medical professionals at a fraction of the cost that regular, inpatient treatment at a medical facility would cost. The disruption to your life and routine will also be minimized by staying home while you recover.

Rehabilitation care group Columbus OH, will provide appropriate local nurse staffing to ensure you receive high-quality medical care.

Talk to a Professional

The rehabilitation care group Columbus OH trusts also provides telehealth counseling service. It is a novel approach to providing healthcare that became popular during the Covid pandemic. It makes accessing professional help much easier because you can talk to a medical professional over the phone or via video call without leaving home. A video or telehealth counseling service consultation will ensure that a doctor assesses your condition, and you will be able to receive a treatment plan and medication without the doctor having to see you in person.

Ease of patient access, rising healthcare costs, and changing patient expectations make this life science consulting service drive the modern approach to medicine.

For patients, it means that they can talk to a professional counselor or a medical practitioner at any time.

Look Into Other Resources After Recovery

A full recovery from alcohol or drug addiction cannot be achieved without treating the underlying causes. That is why, at the rehabilitation care group Columbus OH loves, doctors ensure you keep access to medical professionals after completing your treatment plan. Each patient can access counseling services either in person or telephonically to ensure that their psychological needs are taken care of, as well as their physical needs.

They also provide the services of a plastic surgeon to help patients on their way to recovery. Some patients may need help improving their appearance to achieve their recovery treatment goals.

Obstetric and gynecology service

Struggling with addiction is even more difficult and dangerous for the woman and the fetus while she is pregnant. Taking drugs while pregnant can endanger the woman’s health and the unborn baby’s safety. The drugs can cause many painful and potentially life-threatening side effects, depending on what type of drugs she uses.

Rehabilitation care group Columbus OH, saw the need in the community and decided to offer this unique service. They provide full obstetric and gynecology services to their patients. The doctors realized that women receiving addiction treatment might fall pregnant and not know where to reach out for help.

Pregnant patients need specialized care to ensure substance abuse or rehabilitation treatment medications do not harm the fetus since many drugs cross the placenta. They provide personalized care for pregnant patients from conception to birth to ensure both women and babies stay as healthy as possible during this difficult time. The service includes pre-natal consultations, counseling, birth attendance, and post-partum care.

The road to recovery after addiction can be difficult, but it is good to know that there are people who care about you and can help you return to your normal self. By providing a holistic care service, rehabilitation care group Columbus OH, ensures the vulnerable patient population has access to as many medical and mental health appointments as they need for a full recovery. They treat their patients with care. To them, patients are more than just their condition. Rehabilitation Care Group’s holistic approach to care and modern healthcare delivery methods affordably treat the whole patient.

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