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The Importance of a Sports Physical

Sports can inevitably be dangerous at times, considering all of the accidents that can occur. To ensure you or your child is fit to play sports, many invest in a sports physical. However, do you really need one? What does a sports physical truly entail? What sports would a sports physical work best for? This video gives a comprehensive guide to the world of sports physicals, and things you should know before booking one.

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First of all, sports physicals are more than just muscle measurements or a basic physical. Doctors ask questions regarding diet, exercise, and emotional health. All of these factors come into play when someone is pursuing a sport. High-contact sports like football, basketball, and wrestling are often more dangerous than low-contact sports like golf and tennis. Sports physicals are more popular among high-contact sports, since it’s important to prevent accidents before they happen. In addition to checking for basic health status, doctors put an emphasis on muscle mass and flexibility in these physicals. Doctors advise against certain movements that may strain a patient. All-in-all, sports physicals are an assurance to parents of athletes everywhere.


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