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What You Should Know About Hermetic Connectors

In this video, you will learn about a hermetic connector and what they are. Hermetic connectors are a special class of sealed Mil to Aero interconnect that incorporates glass-to-metal or other engineered sealing technology. This video is a product review and goes through some variables about the product.

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Hermetic seal connectors are specified for applications as divergent as submarines and orbiting satellites. Cinch Connectivity Dura-Con Hermetic Connectors have a high performance rating. They are very durable. They are rated for being sealed and making reliable connections, even in harsh environments. They are tested to MIL-DTL-83513 and are sealed with proprietary Cinch Hermetic Compound as well as a fluorosilicate o-ring. Plugs and sockets are available with nine to 51 positions in pigtail or soldier cup varients. It uses a twist-pin contact that provides seven points of contact, a 3A current rating, and are reliable under extreme vibration. The aluminum shell for operation provides extra strength and are rated for temperatures rating from -55 Degrees to 125+ degrees Celcius. Compared to other hermetic connectors, Dura-Con Hermetic Connectors can match the functionality. They are available on most hardware websites. Or, you can find them in home improvement stores.

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