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Common Car Accident Injuries

In this video, you will learn about the role of an auto injury doctor and some common car accident injuries. Getting in a car accident is an extremely traumatic incident. Oftentimes, people are lucky enough to not suffer any injuries.

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However, sometimes there are injuries suffered and they usually fall under these. common ones. Neck injury tends to be really common. A rear-end collision is the most common type of accident. You are stopped and then the car that hits you hits your car forward. The seat pushes into you and your head is flexed forward. Seatbelts save your lives in the car, but it causes a lot of issues in your body when you get hit. The muscles in your neck send a lot of nerve signals to your head. A concussion is another common injury. Sensitivity to light and sound, trouble focusing, headache, and irritability can be symptoms of this. Middle back pain is also common. Your spine could come out of alignment after a car accident. Your chest could be bruised from the seatbelt after an accident. Lower back pain is common. When you are holding the steering wheel, you can develop pain in your hand or arms.

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