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Tells of Good Cannabis Vs. Bad Cannabis

One question many new cannabis users want to know is how to tell the difference between good cannabis and bad cannabis, with “good cannabis” being the highest quality cannabis. This video provides easy tips to help cannabis users identify the highest quality cannabis.

While flavor and potency are good indicators of the highest quality cannabis, there are visual indicators that can help users immediately tell whether weed is going to be good or bad. Low-quality cannabis, sometimes called brickweed, has a dry, brown, flaky appearance.

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Mid-quality cannabis will have buds that are green with hints of purple and orange.

Top-shelf cannabis is visually appealing with lots of orange and purple stigmas. High-quality buds are also very aromatic. The best indicator of the highest quality cannabis is the sugary trichomes on the surface. The thicker the sugary layer on the surface of the cannabis, the more flavorful the cannabis will be. While the visual appearance of cannabis can tell you a lot about its potency and flavor profile, there is more to learn at Leafly.

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