Kenya Society of Physiotherapists Multicare tacoma urgent care,Multicare west tacoma urgent care,Westgate urgent care tacoma Did an Unexpected Illness or Injury Interrupt Your Mother’s Day Celebration?

Did an Unexpected Illness or Injury Interrupt Your Mother’s Day Celebration?

You feel so blessed to be this little boy’s mom! It took so many years for this miracle child of yours and you never understood why God would have made you me wait, but you believe that now you have been given the perfect child! Mother’s Day has lots of loss and pain associated with it for you, but this boy has helped to bring love and happiness into this day and every other day in your life. In fact, you cannot imagined what things would be like without him! Everyday is an adventure with this kiddo and you would not want it any other way, but you definitely would not mind a little bit of calmness every now and then.

This Mother’s Day, for instance, you found yourself having a discussion with you husband about whether or not to visit one of the local urgent care centers. You had prayed so much for your boy and you are grateful for being this miracle baby who had given you the eight best Mother’s Days ever, but you just wish that this particular Mother’s Day had been a little less eventful! While your husband was grilling lunch outside on the grill and you were reading a book upstairs, doing as instructed by the two men in your house, your eight year old decided to climb a tree. And, of course, fell. Your husband insists that he had just looked away for a few minutes, but you know all too well how fast this son of yours can scamper away. In the end, you made a trip to one of the urgent care locations, found out nothing was broken, and enjoyed the rest of the day. It was a reminder, however, that you are grateful that you have access to conveniently located to walk in urgent care centers.

Finding the Right Health Care Options Can Make Any Weekend Go Much Better

Even if you are a super mom who can often be found ferrying kids to lessons, practices, rehearsals, doctors, and various other emergency errands, you still know the panic of wondering if you need to have an xray taken or throat tested for strep. Fortunately, 80% of walk in clinics today offer fracture care and all of them are able to administer a strep test as well as many other basic tests. And while you may be that mom who has also been known to inspire others as a music teacher, accompanist, director, and performer there are still times when even a mom needs help.
An estimated 3 million patients visit urgent care centers each week, according to the Urgent Care Association of America, so you should not be afraid to be one of them. Even if it is your one special day of the year!

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