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Here are 5 Important Services That Urgent Care Can Provide

An urgent care is a medical clinic, typically open seven days a week, that can provide important medical treatments and services for walk-in patients. Urgent care is considered an easy and convenient way to receive treatment for a range of medical issues. These clinics offer a wide variety of important medical services and this article will look at five of them.

  • Flu Shots: One important service that an urgent care can provide is flu shots. It’s considered very important for everyone to receive flu shots every year to inoculate themselves against the current strain of influenza. This is especially true for the very young and the very old, since they are more susceptible to the virus. An urgent care offers access to flu shots each year, making them accessible to anyone who comes in seeking one.
  • Minor Fracture Treatment: Another important service offered by urgent care is treatment for minor fractures. If you have an accident and believe you’ve fractured, if not quite broken, a bone in your leg or arm, you can go to the urgent care and they’ll provide x-rays to determine what damage, if any, has been done. If a fracture is detected, the urgent care can go on to begin the treatment process by putting the injured limb in a cast or a brace.
  • Cold Symptoms: Another service provided by the urgent care is treatment for cold symptoms. This is probably one of the most common reasons for people to visit urgent care. Cold symptoms can often feel like the start of something more serious, which will prompt many people to seek out medical help to make sure they’re not about to become seriously ill. Medical professionals at an urgent care can examine your symptoms and determine if you’re suffering from just a cold or the start of something worse.
  • Sports Physicals: A fourth service that can be provided by urgent care are sports physicals. These are physicals that athletes have to take in order to determine if they’re healthy to participate in this sport. This is especially common for student athletes looking to join a sports team (with a sports physical required as part of the process to join the team).
  • Allergic Reactions: An urgent care can also provide treatment for allergic reactions. This can include everything from minor allergic reactions to poison ivy, or more severe reactions like an allergic reaction to food or bee stings.

In conclusion, urgent care provides access to a number of important services. These include flu shots, minor fracture treatment, treatment of cold symptoms, sports physicals, and treatment of allergic reactions. By providing all of these services, urgent cares are critically important when it comes to providing medical care. When a medical issue comes up, you should definitely make use of your local urgent care, because it will be the best option to help you on short notice.

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