Effectiveness of Alcohol Abuse Treatment Program

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Today, many individuals are having difficulties in controlling their drinking. Not only is this a personal problem, but also a global concern, especially in teenagers and young adults. Alcohol is the number one drug problem in the United States with more than 7% of its adult population (13.8 million) having issues with drinking. In addition, about 8.1 million Americans suffer from alcoholism.

Alcohol is legal and readily accessible in many parts of the world. As a result, many people find an excuse to justify their drinking ignoring the fact that it has serious repercussions. There are numerous alcohol related problems that result from excessive binging, drinking too often and even drinking too fast. These problems pose can cause a serious health threat to your body such as liver and brain damage, heart attack, throat cancer among other. While you might have developed a taste for alcohol and probably built tolerance towards it, this is a possible and clear indication that your body can’t function without it. In short, you are addicted.

If you or your loved one is struggling with a dependence on alcohol, the best solution will be to enroll for alcohol abuse treatment programs. This is the only effective and sure way of recovering from this form of addiction. However, it’s not easy to be free from the jaws of alcohol, contrary to what many people think. Alcohol addiction is known to have mild to potentially fatal side effects if you undergo sudden withdrawal. From mild seizures, nausea, hallucinations to serious tremors, convulsions and extreme anxiety. Alcohol and drug rehab centers offer patients with a host of treatment options that are designed to help you quit drinking. They have specialized programs that not only eliminate drinking problems, but also manage the side effects that come with it.

Alcohol rehab facilities offer treatment programs in two type of setting. You can either choose to stay at the center until you’ve recovered, or be visiting the center for treatment sessions and leave at will to attend to other responsibilities. The aim of an alcohol abuse treatment program is to completely eliminate drinking as a problem, but some people can find it easy reducing their intake. If you can effectively manage how your alcohol consumption, your chances of recovery are promising. Research reports that people suffering from alcoholism are 23 times more likely to develop habitual gambling disorder. Yet further research reports that cutting down alcohol intake significantly reduce alcohol related problems, both social and health wise.

Lastly, alcohol abuse treatment programs are tailored made to fit individual problems. Contrary to this, an individual is prone to undergo relapse due to factors such as psychiatric disorders and lack of motivation and moral support from family, friends and even the society. Therefore, to attain a holistic recovery, the three forms of treatment, which are behavioral therapy, medications and counseling must go hand in hand.

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