Five Tips for Having a Perfect Outdoor Wedding


A wedding should be an enjoyable time in life. However, the thought of preparing your wedding may have you feeling overwhelmed. Knowing how to have the perfect wedding is easier to know with a few simple tips. Many couples enjoy having their special day take place outdoors. An outdoor wedding is a beautiful and memorable event for everyone to enjoy. You can throw the perfect outdoor wedding by following these upcoming steps. In this post, you will learn five tips for having a great outdoor wedding.

  • Prepare Invitations Early

    You will want to ensure all guests have time to prepare for your wedding. Many guests will need adequate time to take off of work. Giving guests enough time to prepare shows that you are a courteous host. Sending out invitations too late could mean your guest list is drastically reduced. It’s best to send out invitations at least a few months before your wedding date. The earlier you decide to send out invitations, the more time guests have to prepare. If you’re having your wedding out of state, guests may need time to book flights. Choosing wedding venues in Syracuse NY, if you live in Oklahoma, means getting flights prepared.
  • Ensure You Have Enough Seating

    Once you’ve determined a rough number of guests attending your wedding, you’ll need to take care of seating. You’ll need to have enough seating and tables for your guests. However, it’s a good thing to prepare for extra guests that may show up. Many people bring another person with them to a wedding. You may assume someone is single, only for that person to show up with someone else. You don’t want guests to have to sit on the floor while watching your wedding. Planning ahead on seats and table concerns will save you major headaches in the future.
  • Have Refreshments for Guests

    The temperature can play a huge part in the comfort of outdoor weddings. Weddings held during warmer months may have guests aching for something to drink. It’s best to include complimentary food and beverage stations. In turn, your guests have the joy of eating outside while taking in wonderful views. There are great wedding venues in Syracuse NY that make for amazing outdoor dining experiences. Even a small wedding should include food and beverage tables to keep guests happy.
  • Including Music is Important

    One study finds that 44,230 weddings occur every weekend. Many of these weddings have music for guests to enjoy. Music selection is critical for any wedding. It’s important to decide if you want a band or to hire a disc jockey. If you’re on a tight budget, ask friends if anyone would be willing to play music for your wedding. Research shows that 50% of women felt wedding planning was more stressful than previously imagined. Having friends and family help with your wedding works well to reduce the stress of planning this event.
  • Have Preparations for Weather Concerns

    Having a unique wedding outdoors is often a beautiful experience. You don’t want to get caught off guard should bad weather strike. You’ll find outdoor wedding venues in Syracuse NY that will have tents ready for poor weather. You can rest assured your special day won’t get rained out with an outdoor tent.

In summary, there are several things to take care of when preparing for a wedding. You will want to send out invitations early to give everyone time to prepare their schedule. Having your wedding outside of the city you live in could be very beneficial to your couple guests. One study finds that 42% of travelers feel an increase in romantic feelings while on vacation. Wedding venues in Syracuse NY offer a mix of city life and the calmness of countryside views. You will need to ensure you have enough seating for your guests. Implementing a refreshment station will keep guests busy and entertained. You’ll want to include music at your wedding, especially for the reception. Having an outdoor wedding is truly a one of a kind experience for couples in love.

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