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Here Are 3 Industries That Are Most Likely to Use a Statim 5000 Autoclave and Why

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Despite their reputation, being a clean freak can actually be a good thing and this obsession with cleanliness is simply the standard in many industries. For example, restaurant kitchens are required to uphold certain health and safety standard by law, unlike home kitchens. As such, restaurant kitchens are required to be meticulous in cleaning and go to great lengths to maintain a sanitary work environment.

Similarly, many other industries go above and beyond to preserve sanitary conditions at all times. This includes the use of industrial grade autoclave statims, such as the statim 5000 autoclave. Though there are many uses of an autoclave and a variety of manufacturers, autoclaves are most commonly known for their sterilization abilities.

Like other sterilization autoclaves, statim 5000 autoclaves are designed to sterilize items using high temperatures in a pressurized environment. The statim 5000 autoclave works much like a pressure cooker and uses a steam injector during its 9-minute sterilization cycle. It’s gentle on instruments while also being highly effective.

Here are a few examples of industries that are likely to use a statim 5000 autoclave or similar and why:

Dental, medical, and veterinary

Sanitary conditions are a top priority for medical and dental offices, and this includes thoroughly sterilizing instruments. Autoclaves such as the statim 5000 autoclave are highly effective in completely eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other illness causing impurities from dental and surgical equipment or tools. In addition to surgical steel and metal instruments, some autoclaves are specifically designed to sterilize items such as exam gowns, scrubs, bedding, and other hard to disinfect supplies.

Spa and beauty

Did you know that spas and salons also rely on autoclaves in order to sterilize their equipment? Although spas and medical or dental offices have completely different environments, both industries are required to maintain a sanitary condition at all times. Salons use equipment that comes into direct contact with skin and even body fluids, and these instruments must be thoroughly sterilized before being used on another guest. For example, a nail salon might use a statim autoclave or similar to disinfectant items such as cuticle trimmers and nail clippers.

Piercing and tattoo studios

As with medical and dental offices, piercing and tattoo studios are required to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness. And just like medical and dental offices, body modification studios use metal instruments such as clamps that come into direct contact with skin and human body fluids. In order to eliminate the spread of disease and reduce the risk of infection, piercing and tattoo studios rely on autoclaves to sanitize these instruments after each use.

It’s often been said that cleanliness is next to godliness, and autoclaves are capable of producing “holier than thou” type of clean by completely sanitizing hard to clean instruments. They’re a must for many industries, and are a must for maintaining a safe and sanitary work environment.

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