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The Ease of Receiving Medical Attention at a Local Walk-in Urgent Care Facility

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Urgent care clinics provide a convenient way to obtain preventative and/or urgent medical assistance. From flu shots and other important vaccinations, to stitching up wounds and caring for bumps and bruises, urgent care clinics can provide treatment for a variety of urgent medical needs.

Many Americans may find it challenging to create time out of their busy schedules to receive the medical care that they need. Given this, it’s important to note that advanced appointments aren’t required at urgent care clinics. Clients may, however, schedule online appointments ahead of time when they know they will be able to be there are a specific time. Once someone arrives at an urgent care treatment facility, they won’t have to wait very long to see a doctor, physician’s assistant, or another type of mid-level provider.

Another benefit of walk in clinics is that 85% of them are open throughout the entire week and for extended hours. This means that if someone fractures their wrist, ankle, or another bone after regular hours or over the weekend, four out of five of these centers can provide treatment for fractures and other types of injuries, such as ankle sprains. This injury alone occurs to an estimated 25,000 Americans every day.

On an annual basis, Americans come down with about one billion colds. Then there’s the flu for those individuals that didn’t receive a shot before the season began. An average of five percent to 20% of Americans suffer through the flu every year as well. When someone comes down with the flu, it’s usually a good idea to visit a local medical clinic to assist with alleviating the symptoms.

Urinary tract infections are also quite common. Around 8.1 million people within the United States visit doctors for these and related infections every year. Since these types of infections can be quite uncomfortable, it’s important to seek medical assistance as soon as the first symptoms arise.

Urgent care clinics can treat all of the above medical issues as well as provide other types of evaluations and services. Rather than postpone seeking medical attention or advice, it makes sense to visit an urgent care clinic. Since there are a number of convenient locations, chances are that there will be one close to your home or place of employment.

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