How Close Do You Live to a Walk In Health Clinic?

Advanced urgent care

Time becomes a precious commodity during many periods of life. College students who are facing complicated schedules which combine classes, exams, athletic practices, and a social life often feel like they have little time for themselves. Couples who both work full time jobs and have young children are another group who feel they have barely a moment to spare. Anyone who knows what it is like to be in a time crunch can appreciate the flexible scheduling of a walk in health clinic.
Almost 69% of urgent care centers have wait times of less than 20 minutes. Another 28% have wait times between 21 and 40 minutes, and a very small 3% have more than a 40 minute-wait. Luckily, these short wait times still provide access to qualified healthcare personnel. For instance, more than 95% of all centers have physicians on staff. Additionally, seven in ten urgent care centers can provide intravenous fluids when needed, as well as x-rays and other basic needs of quick care patients.
In addition to immediate care, these clinics also provide the follow up services that many patients require. Nearly half of urgent care centers, specifically 48.6%, provide prescription pharmaceuticals that are pre-packaged for dispensing a full course of treatment in doctors’ offices rather than in pharmacies, also referred to as point-of-care dispensing options.
Whether it is located next to a discount store for furnishings and housewares in Shreveport, Louisiana, or next to a large sporting goods store in Colorado Springs, a walk in health clinic can provide families and college students quick access to quality care.
Even if your needs are as varied as an orthopedic doctor for a broken foot or a mandatory school physical exam, an urgent care clinic can provide the services you need. In addition to providing a fast place get a flu shot, urgent care cost is also attractive to many. In fact, the difference in cost between an urgent care visit and an emergency department visit for the same diagnosis can range in price from $228 to $583.
What do yo need most in life? In addition to finding the medical care that you desire in emergency situations, you likely also need to receive these services in a very timely manner. Urgent care settings can provide both quality health care and necessary follow up services in an amount of time that can keep you on schedule for the rest of your life. The next time that you or someone else in your family needs immediate medical care, remember to visit a walk in health clinic that is close to you.

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