The Importance Of Drug Addiction Treatment In the US

Drug addiction, like any other disease, has treatment, but the process is long and overwhelming. When you seek help early, you increase the chances of recovery. The addiction treatment process has different phases that you should note before taking further steps. Before mainstream treatment, the patient undergoes detoxification. This is important in getting rid of toxic substances in the body and handling related acute withdrawal symptoms during treatment.

You should note that when you are addicted to drugs symptoms, the treatment impacts are minimal until you undergo detoxification. The addiction treatment process differs between the drugs or substances abused and the health status of the patient. A person abusing opium will experience acute opiate withdrawal symptoms dictating a different treatment approach than an afflicted alcoholic.

In less severe cases, such an individual will receive office based opioid treatment, making it possible to be productive in the workplace while undergoing rehabilitation. An afflicted person should enroll in an addiction treatment center or rehab facility for quality medical and health services and monitoring. The right rehab facility also offers addiction aftercare services, making it possible for the patient to achieve full recovery. Aftercare services make it possible for a recovering addict to settle back in the community increase the chances of recovery.

Addictions of all kinds have been raging in the United States and around the world for many years now. It is finally time as a society that we recognize abuse problems for what they are and do what we can to educate others about rehab. It is sad that a drug addiction clinic first has to get past the stigma that is associated with going to one of these clinics in the first place, but that is the sad reality of where we find ourselves today. People are afraid to admit that they may need help from abuse rehabilitation centers even when it is obvious that they do.

To help people get the treatment that they need, it is great when an accelerated recovery center is made available to them. Such a place works with those who have struggled with abuse of any substance, but who may need an accelerated way to get the assistance that they need. Both of those things can be true at the same time. Often, the people who need help the most are those who live very standard and productive work lives outside of their addiction. They need a helping hand so they can get back to their regular lives and use this service to help someone else along the way.

Detox processes can be difficult, there is no doubt about it. In fact, detox processes can be the most difficult thing that someone ever has to experience and go through, as they test your mind right alongside testing your body. Fortunately, detox processes are certainly survivable, and if you have the help of a medical professional – even just a family practice doctor, though someone more trained in the field of the detox process and drug addiction in general is likely to be more ideal – you are much more likely to get through the detox processes successfully and be able to begin your life as free from drug addiction as possible.

The symptoms that are typically experienced in detox processes are certainly not to be underestimated, as all detox doctors will be able to tell you. Your detox and withdrawal from drugs will likely be unique to you, a detox processes vary from drug to drug and addiction to addiction. Alcohol withdrawal, for instance, is particularly severe and extreme alcoholics are likely to experience the DTs, or delirium tremens. These DTS can even be dangerous, though if the withdrawal process is monitored closely, you are likely to be able to make it through as safely as is possible. DTs are dangerous because of how they can impact your nervous system as well as your mental state, but they typically set in very quickly and are experienced within forty eight hours of your last drink. However, it is still possible to experience the DTs even after that, for up to ten days after first beginning your journey to sobriety. Once you make it through those first few days though, your chances of this happening drop by a significant degree. It is important to be on the lookout for post acute withdrawal syndrome, also known as PAWS, as this syndrome can last for as long as up to a year after your last drink.

Withdrawing from opioids, while no more pleasant, is in many ways a much different experience than withdrawing from alcohol. When you withdraw from an opioid like heroin, it is likely that withdrawal symptoms will hit you very quickly. Because of the short half lives of opioid drugs, you might even begin to feel the negative effects of the lack of drugs in your system as shortly as five hours after the last time that you got high. Common symptoms typically peak in the first few days, but experiencing more long lasting withdrawal symptoms for a much longer period of time – for months after getting clean, even – is also considered to be typical. These symptoms include insomnia, anxiety, and can even include dysphoria as well. It is important to seek help from a medical professional like a therapist if you find that your mental state has greatly been impacted by these symptoms that are currently pervasive in your life. You might also be at risk of developing more severe withdrawal symptoms, which can depend on the severity of your addiction as well as factors like your weight and overall body size. Symptoms of a severe withdrawal can include developing a high fever and chills, and can be very difficult to combat on your own, though it is not necessarily dangerous. If you don’t have help going through the detox process and are instead attempting a solo home detox, your chances of relapsing almost immediately are as high as ninety five percent.

Unfortunately, the need for detox processes are only rising in the United States, with more than twenty million people here in this country having some type of drug addiction or substance abuse problem. Of these drug addictions, many of them are related to opioids, and more than twenty thousand teenagers and adolescents have at least experimented with opioids like heroin, with thousands upon thousands becoming addicted. Using drugs has severe consequences, and drug overdose has even become the top cause of all accidental deaths here in the United States alone, with many of them originating from the taking of opioids such as painkillers and heroin.

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