How to Find Urgent Care Centers in Your Area

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When you’re injured enough to need fast medical attention, but the injury isn’t severe enough for the emergency room, urgent care clinics can help. Rather than wait weeks for a doctor’s appointment, many people are turning to urgent care facilities to diagnose and treat their ailments. It can be a good idea to find urgent care clinics ahead of time, so you know where the closest locations in your area are.

There are many benefits of seeking urgent care, rather than waiting for an appointment. Here are a few main points to keep in mind the next time you’re grappling with where to go for medical attention.

Reduced Wait Times
It is estimated that around 80% of patients going to urgent care facilities wait only 15 minutes or less. Rather than waiting weeks for an appointment at your family doctor, only to get referred to a lab or specialist, urgent care centers can provide you quick help.

Money Saving Solutions
If you think you will need an x-ray or testing done, but you don’t have money to pay for a visit to the emergency room, an urgent care center is your best option. Typically, rates for urgent care visits are between 40 to 50 percent cheaper than emergency room visits. If you’re in a financial jam, but need medical treatment, urgent cares are the perfect solution.

Overlooked Features
Many people seek out urgent cares for immediate injuries, such as fractures, breathing problems, or severe colds, but majority of the population is unaware that urgent care centers treat a variety of issues. From drug testing, STD testing, anxiety treatment, worker’s compensation dealings, to smaller issues like pink eye, urgent care centers are equipped to handle most medical issues.

Work-Related Injuries
Almost 90% of work-related injuries (back pains, sprains, etc) are treated in urgent care centers. Utilizing urgent care clinics can be a less expensive way for companies to treat their workers’ injuries, while still ensuring they receive treatment as quickly as possible. Finding urgent care centers near your job could be a good way for your company to expedite work injury cases, while saving money.

Convenient Hours
Over 80 percent of urgent cares are open seven days a week, with majority of those offering care 24 hours a day. If you tend to avoid going to the doctor because of your work or school schedule, urgent cares offer flexible hours that will allow you to get treatment, conveniently.

With urgent care clinics becoming more and more popular, it’s becoming extremely easy to find urgent care centers to meet your needs. Next time you’re anxious to see a doctor, but need affordable, fast treatment, try to find urgent care centers near you.

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