How to Stop Addiction When All Else Failed

Ibogaine addiction treatment

Drug addiction can become a serious problem that not only destroys the life of the user, but everyone around the user too. Mexico has some of the most addicts in the world with over 460,000 Mexican men and women suffering from addiction to alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, meth, and other drugs. For many, treatment starts when the user realizes that their addiction places them on a path of self-destruction. New treatment options, namely ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction, has seen success in recent years.

The Start of Addiction
Nearly 43% of Mexican youth between the ages of 12 and 25 are exposed to drug use with half of those youth experimenting with drugs and 13% admitting to frequent use. The use of illegal drugs in Mexico rose 87% between 2002 and 2011, with marijuana being the most commonly used substance by men and women alike. Part of the reason why many men and women are drawn to illegal drugs is due to their availability and relative cheapness when compared to legal drugs like alcohol. Because of the early age of exposure, many addicts remain lifelong addicts unless help is sought.

Seeking Treatment
Up to 4 million Mexicans reported that they needed an intervention and 80% said they need prevention assistance. As of 2009, ibogaine treatment is an unregulated psychedelic treatment option that has reported success when treating drug addiction. Some studies have seen reduced cravings from ibogaine detox after just 72 to 96 hours. Still as of 2014 there are few mainstream options available for those addicted to stimulants, making an ibogaine clinic a viable option. Using such a revolutionary treatment program, ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction can be the first step towards taking your life back.

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