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Is It An Emergency? If You Answered “No,” You Can Save Money At An Urgent Care Center

Urgent care facilities

Emergency room bills are all over the place — and not in a good way. A trip to the emergency room for a sprained ankle may, in rare circumstances, cost only four dollars. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some emergency departments will charge patients up to $24,110 for the same treatment, according to The Washington Post. “There was a difference of more than $70,000 between the most and least costly treatments for a urinary tract infection,” the publication continues.

There is, however, a much better way. Patients can receive quality, convenient, and affordable care without stepping foot into an emergency room. It’s even possible during non-traditional hours, when most doctors offices are closed. How can you do it?

Go To Urgent Care Centers, and Pay Less

Urgent care facilities will save you money; it’s that simple. Emergency room bills can easily get out of hand. After just one visit to the emergency room, some patients remain in debt years later — and have no choice but to seek help from professional debt relief services. Don’t let it come to that. Visit an immediate care clinic for non-life threatening illnesses and injuries. While the average bill at the ER can be in the low thousands, a visit to an urgent care facility averages out to just $71 to $125.

On-Site Doctors Trained to Treat Thousands of Non-Life Threatening Conditions

Most importantly, urgent care centers are perfectly qualified to threaten dozens (if not hundreds!) of semi-serious conditions. Sprains, strains, food poisoning, lacerations, and respiratory distress are some of the most common ailments quickly and efficiently treated by urgent care facilities. The centers also offer specialty care, such as reproductive healthcare, family planning services, and STD test for men and women.

Go When You Need To — Even On Weekends and Holidays

Some urgent care centers are open 24 hours. Others still keep hugely convenient hours, staying open into the late hours of the night as well as on weekends and holidays. If your regular doctor’s office is closed, chances are a walk-in clinic will be open and more than willing to treat you.

Don’t bury yourself in piles of debt. Choose relatively inexpensive — and convenient! — urgent care clinics for sprains, serious illnesses, reproductive healthcare (including STD test for men and women!). This is a great source for more.

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