Living with and Treating ADD and ADHD

Adhd natural treatment

ADD and ADHD is a growing disability among children. When a child has ADD and ADHD there are many way to attempt treatment. ADD and ADHD symptoms include poor organization, fine motor skills and memory problems. However, there are ways to address this. ADHD treatment for children can be done medically as well as behaviorally. ADHD behavioral treatment is something that will most likely be done prior to using medication. Sometimes a simple behavior plan can help change the behaviors of the child. Many parents and caretakers decide to stick with non-medicated options, this would be a natural remedy for attention deficit disorder. It does not work for all children, however. If behavior plans do not work, that is usually when medication is used. The reason some people turn to medication is because ADHD can cause depression at times, low self esteem, and poor work and school performance. Also, using medication can help a child increase focus and concentration.

Reports from the CDC have shown that the prevalence of ADHD has increased 10% in the past few years in the United States alone. You can notice if your child has ADD or ADHD by the performance in school, or in leisure activities. ADD ADHD symptoms can include lack of attention, poor school performance. If you notice your child struggling in school it could be due to one of this disabilities. 30% of students that struggle with ADD and ADHD in the United States have failed a grade level or had to repeat a year of school. If this is your child, it is possible that they struggle with attention. About 8.4% of boys between 3 and 17 years of age have been shown to have ADHD, it is very common. While that age is very common for boys to be extremely active, you need to keep a close eye on your child so you can tell the difference between ADD and just being active.

Once you are aware that your child has ADD or ADHD, you can learn how to go about treating it. Whether you use medication, behavioral treatment, or both, it is important that you do what is best for your child.

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