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Three Top Tips for Having Safe Fun at the Beach This Summer

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According to a recent survey conducted by Orbitz, about 75% of Americans will be going on vacation this summer, and about half of these travelers, or 42%, will be visiting the beach for some sun, sand, water and fun.

While the beach is a popular vacation destination, it’s not always safe. Beachgoers of all ages should be informed of the risks involved with any seaside visit, and plan accordingly. Of course, beaches on the whole are not “dangerous” — but like with any activity, sometimes avoiding an emergency room or urgent health care visit can be as simple as putting on a pair of flip flops.

Interested in having safe beach fun? Here are three tips you should keep in mind.

1. Always Wear Something on Your Feet

Whether you’re in the water or the sand, you should always wear at least a pair of flip flops, or other, more secure footwear. Though it can be tempting to sink your toes into the sand, walking around without protection is an accident waiting to happen. Even the cleanest beaches will sometimes have broken glass and other debris that is hard to see. If you do become injured, though, an urgent care facility can stitch you up quickly and easily.

2. Understand the Power of the Ocean

According to a recent report by the University of Delaware, “Injuries to people swimming at the beach are common and severe.” In Delaware alone, 1,121 injuries requiring emergency or urgent care facility treatment were reported in 2012. Researchers found that the majority of people were injured in the first two feet of the surf zone, the part of the shoreline where the waves break. Arm and shoulder injuries were most typical. Many people do not understand how powerful the waves can be, and end up getting slammed into the hard sand. You can avoid having to visit urgent care facilities by being careful near waves and by choosing to swim farther out, where the impact is not so great.

3. An Urgent Care Facility Can Help With Picnic Food Gone Wrong

Who doesn’t go to the beach with a cooler full of sandwiches and other food? While this might be an essential part of your fun, this is not the time to forget about the dangers of food poisoning. Many people assume that placing food in tupperware will keep it safe, but when food is left out for hours in high temperatures, trouble can start. High risk foods include meat, dairy products, egg products, and seafood. Food should be eaten earlier rather than later, and plated food not consumed right away should be thrown out, not picked on throughout the day. If someone does experience food poisoning, bring them to an urgent medical care center.

Before going to the beach, it’s a good idea to know whether there’s an urgent care nearby. Do you have any safety tips? Let us know in the comments. Helpful links.

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