Personal Training Classes Offer Motivation and Structure

Personal fitness trainers

You spent your middle school and high school years working out and competing with a gymnastics club. You grew up being fit and healthy. As a sophomore in high school you could outperform the rest of the girls in your physical education class, and could often reach test numbers higher than most of the boys as well when you were completing the national fitness tests. Lately, however, you have lost the drive and personal motivation to make it into the gym more than once or twice a week. Once there, you find yourself less than motivated to challenge yourself to complete the workouts that you know would be beneficial. Maybe it’s time that you joined some personal training classes to see if you can take the next step in meeting your fitness and healthy eating goals.
According to a recent study from Ohio University in Athens, strength-training continues to burn calories for as long as 38 hours after a workout. Doesn’t it make sense then that adults who were healthy in their teen years would want to continue to find strength-training strategies that can help them reap the benefits of the limited amount of time they now have to visit the gym?
Attending personal training classes is an opportunity for athletes to continue their youthful desire for fitness and health. A personal trainer can create a specific routine of a variety of workout activities to help anyone reach their fitness goals. The key to your continued physical fitness is to find an exercise routine that combines strength training as well as aerobic activities and core body work. An athlete’s endurance and aerobic fitness can increase by as much as 25% after eight to twelve weeks of regular training, so the key is to find a regime that both challenges and motivates you to continue.
Hiring a personal trainer can help those over 40 remain active, reducing the risk of stroke by 50% compared to those people who become inactive. If you have always lived the lifestyle of a healthy athletic person there is no reason to quit those habits just because you are getting older. Gym training, including weight training, is a healthy habit that can help you reach your fitness goals no matter what your age.
If your teenage and college years were spent as a healthy athlete on either an organized gymnastics team or a less formal fitness lifestyle, it just makes good sense that you would want to find a way to continue to be the healthiest person possible. Maybe finding a spot in one of the local personal training classes will provide you just the motivation you need to continue your goal.

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