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Taking A Look At The Many Benefits Of Regularly Biking In The United States And Beyond

From clips for your toes to chainring bolts to bike frames and bike chains, bike shops all throughout the country offer a variety of parts and pieces for the bikes that they sell. Many of these pieces, such as that of clips for your toes, are unknown to those who do not bike on a regular basis. But for the avid biker, clips for your toes are not just well known – clips for your toes can even be considered to be essential in order to have the best biking experience possible.

And lucky for the sellers of clips for your toes and the crank for single speed bikes (and all the other odds and ends that you might someday purchase for your bike or even already own), biking is becoming more popular than ever before. In fact, up to one hundred million bikes are made over the course of the year – and many of those bikes are made right here in the United States.

For many, biking begins in childhood and while children might not use clips for your toes or other specialty items in the biking world, biking can still have many important benefits even when practiced during one’s childhood years. And by the time that most young children reach the age of five years old, they are typically ready to begin learning to ride their very first bike – without training wheels.

When you get older, however, you might be looking to customize your bike. From clips for your toes to name brand bike levers, there are so many different options to choose from and so many things that will make biking better than ever before. And this is a good thing to, as biking has many different benefits.

For instance, biking on a regular basis is incredibly good for your health. Here in the United States, the obesity epidemic is raging on, with more than two thirds of people all throughout the country at an unhealthy weight. And when you live a sedentary lifestyle and have gained a considerable amount of weight in your adult years, you set yourself up for a number of health problems, increasing your risk of some kinds of cancers as well as your risk for heart attack and stroke.

Riding a bike can help to mitigate these risks. For those who are overweight or obese, it can be a great way to begin to lose some of that weight and get back down to a healthier and safer BMI. For those who are already at a comfortable weight for their height as declared by their doctor, building muscle, stamina, and strength can all be done with regular bike riding.

Biking works, too. Taking the time to bike to work instead of driving there will actually burn a great deal of calories – as many as working out five times a week for a total of forty minutes each day would, an impressive amount by any means and one that is likely to be conducive both to weight loss as well as for the building of muscle and overall health.

But aside from the huge benefits that biking can provide your overall health, regularly biking can have a tremendously positive impact on protecting our environment as well. In fact, more than two hundred and thirty five gallons of gas are saved each and every year directly in relation to people biking instead of using other forms of transportation like cars and other such motor vehicles found on the road today.

And there is more likely than not the perfect bike out there for you. From clips for your toes to toe clip pedals to a name brand bike stem, the process of making your bike your own is one that many people very much enjoy, a process that is often just as enjoyable as actually riding the bike (though this might be a bit of an exaggeration). However, different bikes will be right for different people and consulting a professional is advisable when you are considering buying a brand new or used bike.

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