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The Medical Middleman Why More Americans Are Turning To Urgent Care Centers For Treatment

Your health is important. You do whatever it takes to make sure it’s up to snuff.

It can be something as simple as getting a few extra hours of sleep over the weekend or as complex as applying for a form of physical therapy. Whatever you need? There are medical options available to give you high-quality care at an affordable price. Your local urgent care center is designed to treat minor to moderate issues for a fraction of the price, ideal for any problems that are too painful to be scheduled with a regular doctor but too minor for the emergency room. If you’re unsure about the nature of advanced urgent care consider reading the list below.

There’s no reason you can’t save money and receive quality treatment at the same time.

Short Wait Time

One of the most appealing elements of the urgent care center is the shorter wait time. When you have persistent nausea that won’t seem to go away or a painful cut that needs to be stitched up, it’s just not an option to wait for your regular doctor to schedule you the following week. A recent study found over 60% of all urgent care centers in the United States have a wait time of less than 15 minutes on average. The rest have wait times of 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Whatever you need? Your local urgent care will provide.

Advanced Data Centers

Another element of the urgent care center is a more up-to-date categorization system. Nearly 40% of urgent care centers will use electronic prescription ordering systems. Another large proportion will depend on computerized systems for viewing lab and imaging results. This is also incredibly helpful for information that needs to be updated on a rolling basis for future reference, such as patient demographics, procedure coding and common conditions. Urgent care services are a flexible and modern way of looking at everyday healthcare.

Multiple Flexible Locations

Do you worry about the commute? How about finding the time to pick up your children before driving to a clinic? The urgent care center is designed to fit easily alongside your busy schedule, with many convenient locations scattered around your city or town with flexible hours. The majority of centers remain open until 7:00 p.m. or later on weeknights, with 45% doing so on Saturday and another 30% doing so on Sunday. You don’t even have to wait until you’ve been injured or come down with an illness, as medical urgent care also provides preventative care services.

Preventative Care Measures

Your health requires you be proactive and reactive. Preventative care includes STD testing, wellness checks, flu shots and more, all the better to keep you feeling your best year-round. The flu vaccine is updated on a yearly basis and needs to be obtained regularly to keep your immune system strong enough. You can also check your blood pressure, chronic pain or inquire about referral services. Today seven out of 10 urgent care centers will provide intravenous fluids when needed. One out of five urgent care centers will see over 450 patients per week.

The Injuries And Illnesses Treated At An Urgent Care Center

The advantages of urgent care are slowly becoming better known. People today are struggling to find a happy balance between affordable costs and high-quality healthcare, made all the more uncertain by changing healthcare laws and proximity to clinics. Urgent care centers are widespread, low-cost and flexible for families and individuals alike. Minor to moderate injuries that can be treated at urgent care centers include burns, cuts, fractures, sprains and broken bones. Minor to moderate illnesses include the flu, the common cold, nausea, headaches and rashes.

Not sure where to turn in your time of need? Consider dropping by an urgent care center.

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