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Three Reasons Your Home Might Need a Walk In Bathtub and Shower

When many people talk about the problems that they’re having with their showers, they’ll often say that they’re too small. If your shower was installed in the corner of a bathroom, there probably isn’t much space in there. You’ll usually have a different experience when you use a frameless shower enclosure instead. People sometimes decide to install a more spacious advanced shower and bath system after they’ve been using an older, narrower shower area for years.

A rectangular walk in shower will already make everything about your bathroom feel different. Of course, even if you take showers more often than baths, you still might want the option to take a bath if you’d like one. Adding a “bath next to shower” is definitely possible if the bathroom space itself is expansive enough. You’ll still need to know how to turn on different showers, especially if the new bath still has its own shower fitting. That said, many people will get used to the layout of their new bathrooms quickly.

Keeping the bath and the shower separate can help you make sure that both spaces are clean. Bathrooms that have both bathtubs and showers can look particularly luxurious, and you can add new features to them as you modify the area.

One of the most outdated parts of many bathrooms today is the shower and tub. Old cumbersome tub and shower combos are small, uncomfortable, unattractive, and all-around not the best option available anymore. This is why tub and shower renovations are common when dealing with bathroom upgrades. Dealing with bathtub repair or renovations needs a professional touch to ensure everything goes right and everything gets set up and installed correctly.

Local contractors and plumbing experts can help you find the best bathtubs in stock and can also help you choose and install new walk-in showers and other popular bathroom configurations. They can also help you determine the cost of the new bathtub and surround shower installations and upgrades.

Rather than risking it yourself and possibly causing more damage or doing something wrong, it is best to trust the experts and let them handle things for you. Instead of worrying about how to take out a bathtub and how do you install a new shower, you can let the pros handle it!

1.Homeowners today often choose to perform upgrades to their homes. They do this for a variety of reasons. Some want to make their home more comfortable, attractive, or just all around pleasant for those who live there. Others want to add value to their homes. Yet some others also need upgrades in order to make their home accessible, and one of the top 5 upgrades, according to This Old House, is to install a walk in bathtub and shower combo in the bathroom.

Bathroom updates can do a lot for a home, and by installing a walk in bathtub and shower, a homeowner could get the advantages of looks, accessibility, and value all at once. Why might most people rely on shower walk in bathtubs? Here are some of the advantages that these fixtures may offer to a homeowner.

They’re modern.

    • Walk in bathtubs have been featured in Europe for over 35 years, but it’s only just now that they’re starting to come into popularity in the United States.

The space saving design of walk in baths

    • offers a slim profile in a bathroom, so they can go with any type of decor. Whether a homeowner needs a seat for bathing or not, the design of today’s walk in bathtubs is versatile for all homeowners.
    • 2.

They’re accessible.

    • As many baby boomers age, the need for greater comfort in bathing is growing. Many older customers also like the health benefits that some walk in bathtubs and showers may potentially offer. For example, some people use hydrotherapy in their walk in tubs to soothe their aches and pains, and they’re sometimes even useful for specific conditions, such as arthritis and joint replacements. This, combined with the outward swinging doors designed to prevent water from leaking are the reasons why many who need accessible tubs choose walk in bath tubs.
    • 3.

They’re valuable.

    Any upgrade to a home can add value to it. When you add certain features for decoration or function, the value of a home goes up. Adding walk in showers and tubs has the potential to increase the value of a home.

Want more information about how upgrading your bathroom can help boost your home’s value and looks and your comfort? Talk to an installation expert as soon as possible. You can also leave a comment for more information on walk in bathtub and shower combos.

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