Find the Best Urgent Care Facility Near You

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When regular doctor’s hours are over, sometimes receiving prompt medical attention is necessary. But what if the situation is not dire enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room? What if the person does not have health insurance?

It may make sense–in terms of convenience, accessibility, and financial feasibility–to find urgent care centers and even STD testing centers in your area. After all, America has about 6,800 total walk in health clinics like these, many of them in their own buildings.

But why does it make sense to go to urgent care facilities if you cannot find a primary care physician or if you do not need to visit the emergency room? As the phrase “walk in clinic” suggests, no appointment is necessary and yet you usually do not have to wait as long as you might at an emergency room. Plus the hours of an urgent care center usually go beyond regular hours for physician.

But that doesn’t mean that these urgent care facilities are staffed by non-professionals. Close to 66% of these facilities have nurse practitioners, assistants to physicians, and regular doctors as well. There is a minimum of one doctor working at any given time at 65% of urgent care facilities.

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