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Tips to Growing Your Business by Bringing Massage Therapy Into Clients’ Homes

More and more people around the United States are looking to massage therapy to deal with health issues and stress. It has been estimated that at least 88% of Americans view it as helping people improve their wellness and health. During the past 12 months, about 41% of people in the nation got a massage for health reasons and another 26% got one to reduce their stress level. With the advent of equipment for massage therapists that is portable, an increasing number of massage therapist professionals are expanding their businesses by doing house calls.

For many professionals in this field, the idea of making house calls can be a daunting proposition. It is easier to have a set location where all of your professional massage tools and equipment for massage therapists can be stored. At your shop, you can have a lot more of what you need. The bottom line, however, is that the more convenient you make it for your clients to get massages, the more they will book and the more money you will make.

Being well organized will do you a ton of good when you seek to bring your business to your clients. You may worry that you will forget your best tried and true massage supplies. You should also make a list of the tools that a massage therapist needs. Having checklists can make a big difference in helping you not forget something you really need. It can also cut down on the stress you feel, which is good because that can ruin the experience for your client as they often feel your stress in the way you do your job.

Being organized means more than just having a great checklist of the items you need. You also need to keep everything you will need, the tools and equipment for massage therapists need to be stored in an organized way. When you keep everything you need to do your job together and neatly stored, you will cut down on the possibility that you forget something along the way. Another good piece of advice is to keep everything you need in a climate controlled space. It is hard to overestimate the amount of damage the elements can inflict on your tools and equipment. To keep everything the way you need is to be, keep it protected from the elements.

Get the right professional spa equipment. As you may already know, not all equipment for massage therapists is created equal. When you have a set spot to do your work, you do not need to worry about how much everything weighs but when you have to take it with you, it makes a huge difference. Newer mobile massage therapy tools and equipment can make travel to clients’ homes easier and less stressful. Here are some tips for getting the right equipment:

  • Use a roller cart to transport your table. Massage tables can get heavy after lugging them around all day. One great way to alleviate that is to get a cart to roll it and your other supplies into your clients’ homes. Your back will thank you for this.
  • Look into bags to move your table. There are bags that have been designed specifically for carrying equipment for massage therapists. Better quality bags have special straps that are padded to prevent excess strain on your back. This can also protect your massage table from any damage it may have from being bumped and scratched. These also have pockets for the rest of the products you will need to give the best massage you can.
  • Look into lightweight tables. There are massage tables made out of aluminum, which is a much lighter material than wood. It can be a much better material for your massage table and can make carting it around much easier for your body.

Many doctors see the value in massage therapy for a number of medical conditions. Now that the cat is out of the proverbial bag on this, people are getting more and more massages. If you take the rights steps, you can really grow your business by having the ability to bring massages to your clients’ homes.

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