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Treat Your ADHD Symptoms With the Help of an Life Management Coach

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has received attention for its increasing prevalence in America’s youth. Studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that an alarming number of children are being diagnosed with ADHD every year.

But little focus has been placed on adult ADHD. According to WebMD, about eight million adults suffer from ADHD, but very few get proper treatment. Symptoms include inattentiveness, difficulty remembering information, and finishing work on time.

For most patients, medication and cognitive behavioral therapy for ADHD can be effective. In addition, a life management coach can also be extremely helpful.

Here are some of the things life management coaches do to help adults with ADHD.

  • At Work. In a workplace, the pressures from other co-workers and upper management can be difficult for anyone, but for adults with ADHD, it can be completely overwhelming. It can be hard to meet deadlines, retain important details about work processes, and simply keep up with the daily task load. Life management coaches, often referred to as ADHD coaches, can help adults reorganize their priorities, restructure their thoughts, and change the way they view their work. They help patients focus on one task at a time, setting an achievable goal for each one.
  • At Home.At home, stress can be just as high, especially with more than one child. It can be hard to keep up with each child’s daily routine, and critical conversations with a spouse. One tactic these coaches use to ensure that a patient understands what’s being said is to have him or her focus on a dialogue for only five minutes at a time. Then, the patient should reiterate what was said to the speaker, either a spouse or child, to make sure that he or she has comprehended the discussion. Coaches can also help put household tasks in order of priority, making them easier to manage.
  • In Life. Regular meetings with a coach can be the best way to stay on top of life’s demands. With weekly meetings, the coach can remain the loop about every week’s goals, talking to the patient about which goals were achievable, and which ones were not. They often ask questions about upcoming tasks, inquiring about when they need to be completed , and how much has been done so far. This helps patients stay on track, and keep their lives in order, reducing a large amount of stress.

With the help of life management coaches, adults with ADHD often feel much more in control of their lives. While ADHD coaching is not a cure, it does help reduce symptoms, and make the condition much more manageable.

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