Visit a Podiatrists to Address Your Foot Problems

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If you’re not sure whether to make an appointment with a podiatrist vs orthopedist, you may be interested to know that they can both diagnose and provide treatment when you’re experiencing issues with your ankles and feet. Podiatrists treat a variety of foot and ankle problems:

    Corns and calluses: 82%
    Toenail issues: 65%
    Bunions: 63%
    Fallen arches: 46%
    Toe or joint deformities: 43%

If you’re experiencing foot pain or other foot problems, you’ll want to contact a foot and ankle specialist. Most adults, approximately 75%-to-80%, have some type of problem with their feet. It’s better to visit a doctor for evaluation and possible treatment that postpone until the situation worsens. l

Women tend to have four-times the amount of issues with their feet than men. One of the primary causes of foot and back issues for women is due to wearing high-healed shoes. Both men and women miss approximately 44 million work days due to problems that arise with their feet and back. Poor posture tends to exacerbate these issues.

You also want to visit a podiatrist if you have an ankle sprain. There are ankle sprain grades which need to be evaluated by a foot and ankle specialist. A specialist will be able to determine whether your ankle is strained or sprained. In the United States, 60% of the injuries reported for people over 17 were sprains and strains.

If you’ve sustained a sports or other type of injury, it’s important, too, to make sure none of the 52 bones in your foot are bruised, cracked, or broken. When you visit a foot and ankle specialist, they will be able to determine which, if any, of your foot or ankle bones are broken.

If you/re 45 or older and think you might have osteoarthritis, a podiatrist can evaluate this condition as well. This is the most common type of arthritis, and tends to affect people over 45. In the United States, there are approximately 20.7 million adults that have osteoarthritis.

If you’re an average adult, then you take approximately 4,000-to-6,000 steps every day. Depending on the type of work and recreational activity you engage in, this can put a lot of stress on your feet. The type of shoes you wear also make a major difference in how you feet feel and function.

When you’re weighing the benefits of seeing a podiatrist vs orthopedist, remember that they both specialize in taking care of your feet and ankles. If your podiatrist believes you should see an orthopedist for a consultation, then they will provide a referral. Your doctor will also be able to explain when you would need a podiatrist vs orthopedist.

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