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What is IVF? It Could Be the Answer to Your Fertility Issues

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One of the most beautiful things in life is when a person or couple decides to grow their family by bringing another life into the world. Having a child is often a very natural part of a lot of people’s plans or visions for their lives. But it does not always work out to be easy or as natural as some might expect.

For a multitude of reasons, many people end up having problems getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy, which can be an incredibly difficult ordeal to have to go through. Luckily, science and medicine have been rapidly advancing over time, and where a couple in the past might have had to resign themselves to a life of being barren, there are now options for those seeking them today.

What is IVF and how does it help?
For some women and couples who have had issues getting pregnant, there is the option of IVF. What is IVF? IVF refers to the in vitro fertilization procedure that allows a sperm to fertilize an egg under careful observation in a lab. These very first steps toward creating a new life are conducted in vitro, which means in glass. After the first few days of these initial steps having been successfully completed, the fertilized egg is then implanted into the uterus of the mother or a surrogate, depending on the health and preferences of the mother. Ideally a successful pregnancy will follow, resulting in the birth of a healthy baby.

Options for those struggling to reproduce
If you have wondered what is IVF? in relation to your own attempts to get pregnant, you may have more options available to you than you think. Of course, it can be very difficult for some people to let go of the idea of a natural pregnancy, but the options that are now available are more numerous than what existed in the not too distant past. There is, of course, the option of adoption, which provides a child in need of a family with a loving home, and allows the person or couple yearning for a family to have one.

For those seeking to create life, infertility treatments may be one place to start. IVF is a good course of action for some, while others choose artificial insemination. The difference between in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination is that artificial insemination uses in vivo fertilization which means within the living. The egg is fertilized by sperm that was introduced into the cervix or uterus by means other than sexual intercourse. Deciding which process to use could depend on a number of factors, but typically hinges upon the health of the parents and their personal preferences.

Understanding your body, cycle, and fertility
The process of creating life can be vastly different from one individual or couple to the next. The most important thing to do as you begin your journey toward bringing a life into your own and expanding your family is to talk to a doctor or specialist to find out exactly how healthy you are and what might be the best way to proceed depending on those health factors. Women tend to be the most fertile when they are between the ages of 20 and 24. That fertility starts to significantly drop around the age of 30, and declines more steeply after the age of 35.

Many people want to plan things out very carefully, planning around major life events or milestones or ages, but time is not always on your side. Those meticulously planned events might have to be flexible, and regardless of age, you may have to seek out alternative routes for your pregnancy anyway. Keep in mind that there are many factors at play, and having as much information as you can will be exceedingly helpful. It could also be helpful to remember that you are not alone. Well over 7 million women have received some sort of infertility services at some point in their lives.

What is IVF? It could be the answer you have been looking for. Talk to trusted family members, your spouse or partner, and a medical professional to find out what will work best for you.

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