Why You Should Consider Telemedicine

Telemedicine platform

The medical industry is constantly changing and evolving, and one of the more interesting emerging trends has been telemedicine. Telemedicine involves the use of HIPAA compliant video conferencing software for doctors and patients to meet and consult with one another, instead of meeting in person in an office. Many opponents of telemedicine scoff and say that it cannot possibly be as effective as traditional doctors’ appointments. Just like any other technological advancement, there are many benefits of telemedicine, but it has its drawbacks as well.

One of the biggest benefits of telemedicine video conferencing solutions is the convenience. Patients are able to consult with their physicians without taking time off of work and worrying about transportation and parking. No more mindlessly sitting in the waiting room, either, once you have connected, your appointment begins.

In addition to convenience, telemedicine is cost-effective. Many states require insurance providers to cover telemedicine appointments at the same rate as they cover in-person visits. Thanks to constant advances in technology, many doctors charge less for a telemedicine appointment than they do a traditional one.

With telemedicine, it is easy to get a second opinion. You can simply email a copy of any x-rays or test results to another physician, or consult with a specialist using telehealth technologies. This is especially helpful when the specialists are located in another city.

Of course, no new technology is without its drawbacks. Weak wireless signals and inclement weather can knock out the connection or and interrupt the consultation. Computers may also freeze and crash, so it is important to be sure everyone involved in the appointment has up-to-date hardware.

Many doctors are disinclined to use telemedicine software, as they cannot touch or feel the patient to diagnose certain symptoms. They are still unsure of how to work the technology in with their existing practice, so the availability of telemedicine is still limited.

If telemedicine appointments are something that interest you, talk to your doctor about their policies today.

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