Your Telepsychiatry Questions Answered

Telemedicine video conferencing solutions

Getting the psychiatric help you need can often be a difficult and trying process. With having to wait for appointments, the stress of getting to and fro, and the discomfort of baring your soul in an environment that is foreign to you, treatment can be difficult to face. Luckily, telehealth technologies are seeking to make this process an easier one.
If you are an individual considering telepsychiatry but you have questions or are unsure, here are all of your deepest inquiries, answered:
What is telepsychiatry?
Telepsychiatry is the practice of psychiatry through HIPAA compliant video conferencing software. This means that the patient and practitioner communicate remotely, and conduct therapy sessions via video chat. Telemedicine psychiatry is only one of many telehealth solutions; this market has been growing rapidly over the past decade and is expected to grow in $1.6 billion from now to 2018.

Who uses telepsychiatry?
Many people use telepsychiatry. For individuals who live in rural or remote areas where there is a lack of doctors, the telemedicine platform is often ideal, as it allows contracted practitioners to treat people without having to actually make the journey. This is also beneficial for individuals who are without transportation, too ill to leave the house, or are unable to make regularly scheduled face-to-face appointments. Telehealth technologies are also often used in emergency psychiatric situations in place of emergency room visits.

Does telepsychiatry replace my face to face psychiatric appointments?
While telehealth technologies are a great singular option for patients who live remotely or are incapable of travel, telepsychiatry is meant to supplement face to face treatments, not replace them.

What are the benefits of telemedicine?
One of the main benefits of telehealth technologies are the accessibility and convenience it affords patients, while still remaining within the parameters of psychiatric treatment. Telemedicine is completely confidential, and is done on your time. For those with debilitating mental disorders, this may be a crucial factor to the recovery process.
Most importantly, telemedicine is beneficial because it yields real results for psychiatric patients. Recent studies have shown that telepsychiatry patients are more likely to keep appointments as compared to face to face appointments. As anyone seeking treatment knows, it is consistent time and commitment that yields the most effective results. Telemedicine makes this commitment far easier.

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