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How to Heat Things Up the Right Way With HRT

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Although we women may wish longingly for the day when our periods stop — and all the PMS, cramps, and other often unpleasant business that occurs with our menstrual cycle — menopause can present a host of new issues and things to worry over. It can be unsettling at first — many women experience perimenopause, which is a period in which your menstrual cycles are odd or different than they usually are. Almost 90% of women experience this and perimenopause can occur for at least four years before actual menopause begins. For some women, menoapuse can be incredibly uncomfortable and they may seek means of relief. One such menopause treatment is HRT (hormone replacement therapy).
What is Menopause?
As most women know it, menopause is simply the time when you stop having periods a

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Is Your Cholesterol Normal? You Could Still Be At Risk for a Heart Attack

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Surprisingly heart disease takes the lives of over 100 Americans every hour. Experts say that about 80 million people have been diagnosed with heart disease across the country, and that heart conditions are among the leading causes of mortality for woman and men in America. Since doctors and health care experts often tie heart disease to obesity, changes in diet and exercise routines are typically recommended for recently-diagnosed, overweight adults.

A recent study indicated that following weight-loss surgery, rates of diabetes and heart disease do decline significantly among formerly obese patients. Since one in three American adults is considered obese on existing body-mass indexes, the hope that changing diet and adhering to regular workout regimens can improve heart health can be exce

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The Deadly Disease That Could Kill 1 in 7 Men

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Did you know that prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancer deaths in American men? Over 220,800 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2015 alone. It’s important to get checked early; prostate cancer is rare in men under 40, but 60% of prostate cancer patients are over 65 years old. All in all, one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime.

Do you or someone you know have prostate cancer? If you do, it’s important to find the best medical oncologists you can. Medical oncologists provide vital cancer care and diagnostic and therapeutic services. Quality healthcare is important, and outstanding healthcare services hav

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What Are The Causes And Risks Of Childhood Ear Infections

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The way our senses work together to give us a coherent view of the world is truly remarkable. For some however, complications arise that may challenge or even take away one’s senses. Ear and sinus infections are remarkably common in infants and young children, yet if left untreated an infection can turn into a serious problem that may result in some kind of hearing loss or vocal cord paralysis. If you suspect that your child may suffer from hearing loss, take them to see a otolaryngologist (ear doctor) and get a professional opinion.

Infant Hearin

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Five Good Reasons to Choose Community Health Clinics Over the ER

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There are over 9,000 urgent care centers and community health clinics across the country, making it easier for Americans to find affordable, fast health care. Here are five reasons why urgent care clinics may be changing the way the world sees health care.

  1. Extended Hours:

    A national survey found that over two-thirds of walk in medical clinic are open before 9:00 am during the week. Many facilities remain open until 7:00 pm or later. Nearly half of centers are open on Saturdays and nearly a third are open on Sundays.

  2. Top Priority Care:


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