3 Times to Get Your Child to the Doctor

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When you have children, they become your main priority. No matter what happens, you want what is going to be best for them, especially when it comes to health care. When they have any abnormal health signs, your best bet is to take them in to see a doctor, since it is better to be safe than sorry. Read on for three times you should always take your kids in to see someone.

Ear Issues

About 83%, or five out of six kids, will have an ear infection by the time they turn three, with 30% of kids having three or more instances of infections. Though genes are responsible in 50 to 60% of children with hearing loss, you should be careful when it comes to infections and other issues within the ear. Not keeping up with care for cholesteatoma and other chronic ear problems can also lead to issues with hearing later on in life.

Sinus Infections

Sinus infections can often be difficult to knock without a doctor’s help. If it only happens once in a while, it can be cured with antibiotics, but if your child suffers from chronic sinus infections, it may require more drastic measures. Things like hypernasal speech and breathing difficulties likely will not go away by themselves. The only way to know your options for treatment is to take your child in to see a specialist!

Vocal Chord Issues

If your child is feeling pain in their vocal chords, or suffers from vocal chord paralysis, they absolutely need to see a doctor. While vocal chord surgery may be required in some cases, it is better to diagnose any issues as early as you possibly can, and then treat the issues before they have time to get worse.

Will you be taken your child in to see someone for any of these issues? Have you already been in to see someone?

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