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By 2030 Over 20% Of America’s Population Will Be Elderly Assisted Living Facilities

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The United States is home to a rapidly aging population. With the following two decades expecting to see a rise in people over the age of 65, a common topic that has continued to rise is that of assisted living and what it has to offer people who need help living their fullest life. What aids are used in the average retirement home? What can someone expect when making the transition from their house to an assisted living community? These questions and more will be answered below.

An assisted living facility isn’t a drab and dreary place far removed from the everyday world. It’s a new start on the next stage of a person’s life.

How is the country changing? In more ways than one. By the time 2030 arrives it’s estimated older adults will account for nearly 20% of the total American population. Around a quarter of all Americans, as well as two out of every three older Americans, also have multiple chronic conditions to contend with. Treatment for this population accounts for an estimated 65% of the country’s healthcare budget. But what is the average American elderly adult facing on a daily basis?

Chronic conditions comes from different sources and has different degrees of severity. Some of the most common include neck pain, lower back pain, mobility issues, mental illness and immune system disorders. Over two million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every single year, with the percentage of these adults over the age of 65 reaching 25% as of recent years. An assisted living facility is well-staffed with skilled nurses stocked with diabetic syringes, the best walkers for seniors and years of collective experience to help with every unique problem.

There are additional problems that require the use of everyday tools to help with independence, comfort and coping. The use of canes, as well as mother mobility devices, reached 50% over the course of an eight-year period thanks to anecdotes provided by more than 7,000 Medicare beneficiaries. A recent study found over 90% of Americans over the age of 55 are at high risk for hypertension or high blood pressure, both of which can manifest as heart disease later in life if not carefully maintained with routine check-ups, lifestyle changes and medication.

Where do cushioned bed pans and disposable mattress pads come into play? A common side-effect of age is having less and less control over the bladder, leading to frustration and a perceived loss of independence. Cushioned bed pans and disposable bed protectors are necessary to make clean-up a breeze for those with incontinence issues. A retirement community does more than just provide a place to stay. They support every aspect of daily life.

When accidents happen, there are around-the-clock nurses available to help. Of the population over the age of 65, around 10% of men and around 14% of women are living with chronic asthma. It’s also estimated that, every 15 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room from the aftermath of a slip or fall. An assisted living facility is able to provide immediate care for everything from asthmatic attacks to broken bones, providing security for those that would otherwise feel unsafe and unprepared.

An assisted living facility provides people of all shapes and sizes the means to live comfortably and without concern for their mental and physical health. Whether it’s using cushioned bed pans for incontinence or receiving assistance with travel, options only continue to grow for America’s aging population.

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