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Fight the sign of aging with eye rejuvenation

The eye is the gateway window to the heart, and it conveys all the emotions of happiness and sadness that one feels. The collagen levels will decline as one ages, which leads to skin firmness and chubbiness around the eye also decrease. This delicate nature will start showing up in the form of wrangles and lines around the eye. It becomes a no go zone and create worry. You may begin to ask yourself how you will correct this endless look around your eye. Here are procedures you may want to perform to rejuvenate your eye.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid surgery)

This is a simple surgery that is gaining more popularity around the globe for eye rejuvenation. It is carried on the upper eyelid mostly, and the result will leave a person looking much younger and rejuvenated. It is done to both men and women. To be a good candidate for this procedure, you need to have excess skin that makes your eye look tired, sad, which may, in some instances, hang over the board and block your vision. When the excess skin is removed, the eye will appear more conscious and relaxed. Lower eyelid surgery can also be done to remove extra lower lid skin or extra fats to have a smooth junction between the lower lids and the cheek. These two procedures can be carried out simultaneously if one is affected by both the upper and lower eyelid.

Laser resurfacing

This is a procedure done to stiffen delicate eyelid skin and smooth fine wrinkles to rejuvenate the eye. The procedure is done by facial plastic surgeons who use CO2 laser treatment and may take a whole week to recover fully.

Tear Trough Filler

This is a great eye rejuvenation procedure that does not need a surgical procedure to be performed.t can be done mostly to a patient who doesn’t want surgery procedures. It is mostly recommended for the area under the eye and can last between nine to twelve months.

Injectable fillers

This procedure is used to remove dark circles that may form under the eye to rejuvenate them. The procedure usually flattens the concave area around the eye and restores a person’s eye to look alert, fresh, and remove the tired look. It is carried to both men and women.


You can also rejuvenate your eyes by carrying out regular Botox treatment. It is a procedure that usually softens the flown lines and wrinkles that form over time due to smiling and squinting. This procedure can treat droopy upper eyelids successfully and lift eyebrows. It normally takes just a few minutes.

While there are many eye rejuvenation procedures available in the market, the best way to determine which one suits you will be to consult a surgeon.

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