How Many Times a Week Do You Visit Your Therapist?

Torticollis. It is a condition where the muscle in the front of an infant’s neck, the one that connects to the collar bone, is shortened or tight, which prevented a baby from having full range of motion. This condition is one of the reasons some babies have to wear a helmet. They get a flat spot on their heads from always laying in one position.

From what you have read online torticollis can be one of two things either position in utero, like breech as an example, or traumatic birth experiences. Your daughter had both so this condition could be from either. This muscle in front of the neck did not develop the way it was supposed to is right now too short. In other children the muscle could just be tight and unable to release the way it supposed to because of the way labor and delivery went. No matter what the cause, there is also significant research that indicates that chiropractic care can help. With the right kind of work from your doctor, your daughter is getting better and it is not looking like she will need a helmet. The flat spot she was starting to get has resolved itself and she is doing a much better job and spending time looking straight up. So the flat spot will be more on the back of her head like it is supposed to be.

You have another friend whose son had torticollis so she knows how you feel, and understands that it is so good to hear that the condition appears to have resolved itself and that your daughter getting better. At home, after and between the appointments, you do lots of stretches with your baby girl and everyone in the family is very diligent in keeping toys, as well as yourselves, on her left side to make her work at seeing you and grabbing for toys. Your daughter does not always like it and the condition is not completely better yet, but you are thankful that the change in positions allowed her skull to shift back to where it belongs.

Doctors and Therapists Can Do Amazing Work When They See Their Patients on a Regular Basis

With the right kind of knowledge and training, as well as the latest physical assessment software, therapists and chiropractors can work hand in hand with family doctors and pediatricians to help patients of all age reach success. Whether your doctor uses a back adjustment tool to help you recover from a repetitive motion that has limited your mobility or you are taking a young daughter in for specific kinds of therapy, stretches, and exercises, doctors and therapists who are able to meet with their patients on a regular basis become a real asset. Not only working with the patient when they are in the office, but also showing parents and patients alike how to work with similar objects at home that can work as physical therapy tools, patients can see great improvement if they are committed to following the orders given by a doctor or a therapist.

Different back adjustment tools are used differently by doctors and therapists, but they all basically strive to help patients gain strength and mobility, while at the same time limiting, and possibly eliminating, discomfort and pain. Trained on specific kinds of functional assessment tools and manual muscle testing devices, many therapists and chiropractors can help their patients of any age live a better and healthier life. If you are in need of help from the skilled use of a back adjustment tool then you likely understand the inconvenience of living with pain that can limit your mobility.

The total annual industry revenue for chiropractic treatment is $14 billion, which is comparable to the amount Americans spend on pet supplies each year. So while there is sometimes a misconception that these treatments are expensive, this simply is not true, especially if you are getting access to the back adjustment tools that can help you be more active and in less pain. And given that US News and Money ranks physical therapist and Assistant in their top 10 for best healthcare jobs, they positions that will continue to be in high need.

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