How Many Times a Week Do You Workout?

The days of having to sit down to put on your shoes are coming to an end. After years of being overweight an unhealthy, you are now making group workouts and Zumba classes a part of your daily routine. This winter when the cold weather will keep you from some of your early morning walks, in fact, you are actually feeling fit enough that you are going to start attending one of the bootcamp classes that your gym features. There are many reasons why you started this fitness routine, but there are even more that dictate your desire and commitment to continue.

With three small boys watching you, you want to continue to show them that it is possible to eat right and exercise right while still having a great time with your families. And while vacations in the past may have focused on what were the best restaurants in the area, now you are also all involved in finding the best hiking and biking trails in the area. Tou still eat at great restaurants, but now you are actually eating because you are hungry, not just as a way to stay entertained.

Individual and Group Workouts Provide the Variety Many People Need to Stay Physically Fit

Whether you are trying to increase the number of workouts you get in every week because you have an existing health condition that requires you to be more active or you are trying to get in a position where you will look your very best for an upcoming wedding or high school reunion, there are so many ways that you can get the exercise that you need. From family friendly gyms that offer nurseries and activities for younger kids while their parents enjoy hour long workouts to group fitness classes that take advantage of outdoor venues on the weekends, if you want to exercise there is no excuse for not achieving this goal.
In a time when more and more Americans are at risk of diabetes, heart attack, and other serious health conditions because of their weight an inactivity, it really should come as no surprise that there are fitness classes and workouts for every kind of person. Church groups have weekend walking clubs, offices have early morning exercise classes in fitness centers on their campus, and local gyms have spaces that are available to their paying members any time of the day or night.

The latest research indicate that there are more than 180,000 fitness clubs around the world. Many of these spaces are to meet the need of the 36% of all regular exercisers participate in some kind of fitness class. And given that 45% of millennials exercise regularly, according to a Nielsen Global Consumer Exercise Trends Survey, it appears that this is a trend that will not end any time soon. More and more parents are seeing fitness and healthy eating as one of the most powerful lessons they need to be teaching their children.

What Are Your Fitness Goals for This Next Year?

It is always important to have goals, but if you are the parent of young children then you may realize that setting and reaching goals is even more important. In a whole of excess and over indulgence, it is important for parents to demonstrate what it means to set a goal and follow through with your commitments. When it comes to eating right and exercising more, it is even more important to set a good example. From teaching children early in their lives the importance of eating a wide range of fruits and vegetables to making sure that your children see you up and moving around instead of binge watching a favorite television show, parents’ actions have also spoken louder than their words.

Active families who enjoy outdoor adventures are often the bst to encourage their children to lead a more healthy lifestyle. By hiking while on vacation to running both short and long races together, there are many times when parents can demonstrate to their children the healthiest of habits. If you have not made a commitment to this in the past, this fall and winter are a great time to switch gears.

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