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Urgent Care Centers Are A Reliable Resource For Today’s Americans The Symptoms They Treat

Urgent care, despite the name, doesn’t always have to be for urgent matters. Health is a fluctuating element that can range from severe to mild. You deserve resources that offer you a middleground.

Have you ever dealt with a painful blister that took too long to heal? How about a fever that has risen a little too high? When your health is straddling that line between frustrating, but not serious…urgent care centers are ready to help. Offering a low-cost with short wait times, these clinics are your best friend in a pinch. Just like a healthy diet includes variety in vegetables and fruits, healthcare should provide you several options.

When should you choose a family doctor and when should you visit the urgent care center? Learn the difference between your medical resources so you can choose the best option when you’re in a bind.

Save The Emergency Room For Life-Threatening Incidents Only

It’s understandable to panic when you’re in pain. You just want to ensure whatever condition you have doesn’t get worse, particularly if it’s something you haven’t dealt with before. Be mindful that the emergency room should only be for life-threatening conditions — think allergic reactions, puncture wounds, or the onset of a stroke. If you suspect it’s not quite so serious, visit your local urgent care center and ask to be seen. According to recent studies, just 3% of patients who come into an urgent care center need to be diverted to emergency services.

Find A Family Doctor For Long-Term Conditions And Yearly Check-Ups

The function of a family doctor is to be your supportive shoulder. They take a deeper look at your health and become accustomed to all your minor and major details, all with the benefit of providing effective long-term care. They can take the form of a gynecologist for women reaching menopause or a general doctor for yearly check-ups. According to recent studies, urgent care centers report an average of 12,000 patients per year. Before you visit, it doesn’t hurt to make sure you have a family doctor to your name.

Know The Minor Injuries And Illnesses Treated At Urgent Care Centers

Urgent care centers are prime locations for minor and moderate problems. The top five medical diagnoses given in clinics, according to a 2016 survey, were acute upper respiratory infections, acute pharyngitis, acute sinusitis, fever, and cough. When it comes to injuries, the most common are burns, fractures, and cuts. The CDC has confirmed that less than 10% of emergency room visits result in hospital admission. Combined with the aforementioned urgent care statistics, these clinics are the most effective and accessible form of medical care today.

Double-Check The Hours And Locations Of Your Clinics

Things are looking good for affordable health care services. Over 8,000 urgent care clinics opened back in 2018, with an additional 600 expected to open soon. When seeking out a 24/8 urgent care, double-check the hours of your nearby clinics. Some are closed on the holidays, while others are closed on Sundays. A survey asked regular urgent care patients their thoughts on their care — 20% stated their decision to visit was due to shorter wait times, while another 20% found the urgent care location more convenient than other options.

Ask Your Urgent Care Doctors About Preventative Care

Another feature you should ask about is the availability of preventative care. While some clinics will provide vaccinations and check-ups, others operate on an as-needed basis — this means a patient must come in with a specific need in order to be seen. Preventative care measures also include physicals, physical therapy, and STD testing. While many will provide these services on request, it’ll save you time to review available resources on the company website. According to a UCAOA report, over 90% of urgent care centers maintained wait times of 30 minutes or less.

Short wait times. Long-term health benefits. Visit your urgent care in Los Ranchos next time you have a cough that refuses to go away.

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