The Permanent Solution to Treating Hair Loss

Scientific studies have proved that hair loss can be caused by a gene being passed down from generation to generation. Hair loss, both in men and women, can be due to other medical reasons as well. The progression of the hair loss may vary in different individuals. It is important to discuss your hair loss with a seasoned professional hair loss specialist to allow them to curate the best course of action. Hair restoration is always an option for those who wish to reverse their hair loss and experience a new solution.

The FUE Solution

The only proven method to offer a permanent solution to hair loss is a FUE transplant. Where other procedures lack, FUE picks of the slack when it comes to hair restoration. A traditional hair transplant is invasive, may require the use of scalpel, and has a longer healing time. However, FUE uses innovative technology that allows patients to delve into a whole new experience. The professionals who stand behind FUE do not believe in an invasive transplant in order to combat hair loss and hair thinning. FUE offers the solution of gently and meticulously transplanting each hair follicle, allowing the patient to be free of stitches and harsh incision lines.

You Will Have Nothing to Hide

After the minimally invasive procedure is complete, you will notice you will not have to worry about harsh incision lines or stitches. This means that the healing time for a FUE transplant is significantly less time compared to other transplants. Due to the gentle nature of the procedure for your hair restoration, scarring tends to be very minimal. Typically with a traditional transplant, the patient would be left with an unsightly scar in the donor area. This would cause the patient to have to wear longer hairstyles, in an effort to hide this obvious scar. This is not the case with FUE. Feel free to wear your hair in any style you prefer, as nobody will even be able to tell you underwent a hair restoration procedure.

The Permanent Solution to Hair Loss

FUE is an amazing modern advancement in hair restoration technology that gives hair loss treatment specialists the tools they need to offer a permanent solution to patients. FUE is a gentle procedure that focuses on each individual follicle, to achieve optimal results where other traditional transplant options falter.

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