Joint Pain Specialists and Their Patients

The need to maintain one’s physical health covers many arenas, from nutrition and water to exposure to sunlight to produce vitamin D all the way to getting enough exercise and getting enough sleep every night. Sometimes, when a body has been injured or stressed, recovery from that state is also critical for good health, and today, many options exist for dealing with back pain, joint pain, recovery from sports injuries, and more. Joint pain specialists can go a long way to help when someone suffers joint pain from any number of causes, and joint pain specialists can guide someone to total recovery and help them ease the pain and regain mobility. A rehabilitation center may not be far away, and going to one is often the first step to recovering from pain and joint issues.

The Industry of Physical Therapy

Today, physical therapy is among the fastest growing occupations out there, and according to, careers in physical therapy, or PT, are predicted to have a rate of 25% growth between today and the year 2026. This can be a very lucrative career; the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the BLS, has estimated that employments opportunities for PT may grow 36% from the year 2012 to 2022, and that is much faster growth than most other current occupations. PT may trace itself all the way back to ancient Greece, where Hector and Hippocrates, with the latter being credited as medicine’s founder as a rational science, both developed a form of PT. They often used water therapy, known as hydrotherapy, and massages to treat their patients. Today, medical education and training are central to any medical field such as PT or chiropractor work, and joint pain specialists are among them.

Patients suffering joint pain of all kinds can visit joint pain specialists to address their condition, and often, an Internet search for local rehabilitation facilities is all that is needed, although a patient may also get suggestions from their physician or other medical professionals. The causes for joint pain may vary, as may the methods for treating it. Joint pain specialists will formulate a plan fitting a patient’s needs and their current condition to guide the patient to recovery.

Joint Pain Recovery

According to Mayo Clinic, joint pain is best defined as inflammation, discomfort, or pain arising from any part of a joint in the human body, such as the bone, ligaments, cartilage, tendons, or muscles. Milder pain can be the result of physical exertion, while more serious pain can limit mobility and the ability to bear weight, not to mention great pain. Many different causes for joint pain exist, a few of which include bone cancer, Lyme disease, rickets, tendonitis, and leukemia, although diseases are hardly the only cause. Serious exertion, such as at a construction site or during sports, can also cause joint pain.

Rarely is joint pain a medical emergency; rather, a patient can often take care of milder cases at home, such as with ice packs, minimizing exertion, over the counter pills, and hot showers. However, a doctor should be consulted if the joint pain involves sudden swelling, deformity of the joint, intense pain, or total inability to use the afflicted joint. In particular, depending on the case and the severity, a doctor may refer a patient to joint pain specialists, and such a specialist will work at a physical therapy center or a similar medical facility to specialize on joint problems rather than at a general hospital or doctor’s office. Rehabilitation may be needed if the patient just recovered from a disease that caused joint pain, or if a broken bone was recently mended and joint pain is still a problem. An athlete who suffered a sports injury may also need this service, and the specialist will know basic movement therapy, drugs, and daily routines to minimize unhealthy stress on the joint and instead guide it to recovery. Back pain, in particular, can be soothed with something as mundane as yoga, which has been demonstrated in the past to address pain in the lower back. Consulting one’s private physician or doctor is recommended before undergoing any joint pain recovery program.

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