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3 Common Childhood Illnesses and Injuries That Are Seen at Urgent Care

As a parent, each day brings new joys and stresses. From the first moment they take their first breath, to their first steps, even to the day they graduate, your child’s happiness and health is constantly on your mind. So when your little one suffers a terrible cough or a burning fever, getting them better is no doubt your first priority. This is why being able to answer, “where is the closest urgent care near me,” is so important, because severe sickness or injury can occur at any time, day or night.

To save yourself some unnecessary stress, research online, “urgent care near me,” and you’ll easily find the closest family urgent care. So when illness inevitably strikes, you’ll be ready to quickly get your child the care and treatment they need and have them feeling better in no time. Doing this research can also help you know which conditions should be treated at urgent care, and which more severe ones should be taken to the emergency room. To give you an idea, here are some common injuries and illnesses seen at urgent care.

3 Commonly Treated Conditions at Urgent Care

The common cold is a common nuisance that every single person will experience numerous times throughout their life. Unfortunately though, the common cold can sometimes strike with a vengeance, and it won’t simply go away with some rest and chicken noodle soup. Especially for children, who on average catch between six and 10 cold every year, the common cold can develop into a more severe respiratory problem that will need the treatment of a trained doctor. This is why particularly nasty cases of the common cold are so commonly seen at urgent cares.

For every five urgent cares, four offers fracture care, demonstrating just how popular fractures are at these clinics. Not to mention, each day, about 25,000 Americans sprain their ankles. These, and other sports-related injuries are commonly seen at most urgent cares. Children definitely make up a large portion of the number of sprains and fractures that occur daily, and all of these injuries should be cared for at a family urgent care right away.

Young children are especially susceptible to a variety of allergies, whether they be skin, food, or otherwise. In fact, a study from NHIS from 2014 discovered that 11.6% of U.S. children suffered from skin allergies, 8.4% from hay fever, 5.4% from food allergies, and 10% from respiratory allergies. If your child has any sort of allergies, you can probably understand that sometimes you just need a doctor’s help to help you manage your child’s allergies, and an urgent care clinic is the perfect place for treatment.

Once you are able to the answer to the question, “where is an urgent care near me”, you’ll be able to rest a little easier knowing your child’s sudden sickness or injury can be treated right away at the right place. From a bad case of the cold, to a sudden allergic reaction, a visit to your nearby pediatric urgent care can get your child back to their healthy, happy self.

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