Massage Therapy for Health, Wellness, and Healing

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Massage therapy has become a very popular way of reducing pain. There are multiple types of massage therapy, useful in the treatment of dozens of illnesses, conditions, and injuries. A massage therapist works through the patient’s soft body tissues, which include tendons, ligaments, muscles, and connective tissue all toward reaching the goal of improving the individual’s health and wellness. Therapists are trained to use touch in order to relieve pain, to help injuries to heal, and to improve circulation. In addition, massage therapy assists people in finding the ability to relax.

Of people who had some type of massage therapy during the year between July 2014 and July 2015, 52% chose it for medical reasons. Whether for relief from joint stiffness or muscle soreness, or for muscle spasms or for their overall wellness, patients elected this treatment for the alleviation of some kind of unpleasant symptoms. In addition, another 33% received massage therapy in order to relieve stress during the same time frame.

Individuals who suffer from chronic pain complain that it negatively impacts every area of their lives. More than half, about 59%, agree that the discomfort reduces their long term quality of life. Seventy-seven percent say that they experience some level of depression as a result of the downward spiral in which they feel their pain has them trapped.

It is essential that people experiencing chronic pain or debilitating stress first see a medical doctor for treatment and/or medication. However, in addition to medical treatment, massage therapy is a natural way to help reduce the symptoms of many physical and emotional conditions. Theraputic massage is a way to relieve pain and relax the patient at the same time. A deep massage is one that will increase blood circulation as well as break down scar tissue. In other words, it is a deeper working of the body’s soft tissue. One benefit of a deep massage is that it provides a great reduction of chronic pain. Muscle spasms and stiff neck are two complaints that are aided largely through deep massage.

The best massage will be given by a therapist who understands what the patient’s body is suffering from, and it may not be the same complaint from the same patient at every appointment. Massage therapists are trained and take classes in different types of massage techniques where they also learn how to recognize the needs of the body under certain circumstances. Along with the deep massage there are several other types of massage offered to patients. They are trigger point therapy, myofascial massage, sports massage, and neuromuscular massage. Often a therapist will combine the different techniques for use on the different symptoms an individual may be experiencing.

Touch is the way a massage therapist works tension and pain out of the body. The touch used can be light to firm and is used to boost the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Different pressure is used to increase circulation in the blood and lymph glands, and to relax muscles and relieve tension.

A relaxing massage is one that is performed for the overall relaxation of the individual, physically and emotionally. It is different from massages that are aimed to relieve chronic pain. The method used for a relaxing massage involves smooth, flowing strokes that seem to glide with a rhythm. The pressure is deep and relaxing but not at all painful.

The detox massage has another objective. It is meant to be a stimulus for the lymphatic system while using gentle, light strokes. With this method, metabolic waste is eliminated by the body, along with bacteria and excess fluids. A whole body massage designed to relax joints and muscles is known as the Swedish massage. The Swedish massage is the most common relaxation therapy used, popular with a great many clients.

Other types of relaxing massages are the deep tissue massage, the hot stone massage, the shiatsu massage, and the Thai massage. Along with these are the sports massage and the pregnancy massage, both also designed for relaxation, healing, and wellness. The Holistic massage is one that is custom fit to the patient and his or her needs. More than one technique is used and the therapist takes into consideration their emotional and physical well being.

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