Myth vs Fact

Ibogaine detox

Cocaine remains one of the mostly highly sought after and highly abused drugs of the 21st century. The sensations derived from getting high of the powder drug can keep a person locked in a never-ending circle of dependency and addiction. Misinformation spread by inaccurate sources can also contribute to the continued use and abuse of this drug in today’s modern world. Getting the facts straight about cocaine and cocaine addiction is essential to lead to recovery.

  1. The Addiction is Only Physical: Many people believe the addiction to cocaine is just physical. That is, the body begins to crave it after a time, but the mind does not. In fact, cocaine is one of the most psychologically addictive drugs out there today. Not only does the body begin to crave it, but the mind does as well, for the euphoric sensations and and immense high it gives them.
  2. Cocaine Addiction Takes a Long Time: A popular myth is that it takes a long time to get truly addicted to cocaine, thus making quitting easier. This gives a greater excuse to make cocaine users believe they can quit whenever they want. Cocaine users can become extremely dependent on cocaine after only a few uses. It is an incredibly addictive drug, that can take you over physically very quickly and make it immensely difficult to go through a detox.
  3. There are No Negative Side Effects: Like any dangerous drugs, side effects, both short and long-term side effects, exist when abusing cocaine. Depression, suicidal thoughts and chronic fatigue are two short-term side effects from overuse of cocaine, along with weight loss, insomnia and hyperactivity. Long-term side effects are agitation, paranoia, destructive behavior, anxiety attacks and hallucinations. Because the intake process of cocaine is through the nose, this can lead to damage to the nasal cavity, which has a potential to become permanent. Every drug has negative side effects and cocaine is not different.
  4. Cocaine Helps Improve Performance in Bed Cocaine actually does the exact opposite. Continued use to cocaine can lead to impotence, decreased sexual desire and breast growth in men.
  5. Rehab Doesn’t Work: Ibogaine detox and therapy are jsut two of the many things rehab does to help drug users become clean. They make it their mission to help everyone who comes into the treatment program. The benefit of ibogaine detox is it is able to almost completely flush the drugs out of one’s system, thus making it a very useful tool for drug treatment facilities. Ibogaine detox is a painless, quick detox that allows former users to have a clean slate and start fresh, free from the dependency of drugs.

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