Preparing to Leave Your New Baby With a Caregiver

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Being a new parent can be exciting and also worrying. You are required to create a routine that allows you to care for a helpless infant. This routine will constantly change as your child gets older and more capable. Eventually, you will trust your new baby in the care of a relative or professional. This might be for work, entertainment, or to simply take a much needed break. Preparation is key in a smooth and minimal effort transition. Keep the following tips in mind when planning for your first encounter away from your new baby.

Is your new baby ready?

Young babies create an attachment to their caretakers. If they are not exposed to other relative during their earlier years, the transition may be more difficult. It may be helpful to begin the transition in small periods. Have the new caretaker come in for minutes, eventually extending the time length to a couple of hours. Both you and your new baby will be more comfortable with the change of caregiver. The process may also become easier as your baby gets older and understands that you will return to them.

Do they have any special medical needs?

Leaving a new baby at home with a new caretaker can be made more complicated when the baby has special medical conditions. They may require daily medications or health monitoring. Obtain ease of mind for both you and the new caretaker by providing your caretaker with a list of doctors. This list of doctors can be used if any medical questions arise. It also ensures that someone will be reachable, regardless of the time and day.

Does the new caregiver know what to do in an emergency?

Even with a list of doctors, you may struggle with finding an available doctor. It can be helpful for everyone involved to have an emergency plan set up. This emergency plan should include different levels of an emergency. It should include major emergencies, with directions to the local emergency department. The emergency plan should also distinguish the difference between visiting an emergency department and the local urgent care setting. Urgent care settings allow individuals to ask the doctors any medical concerns.

After hours urgent care centers are becoming more popular and there is likely to be a location close to your home or your caregiver?s location. There are currently 20,000 physicians who practice Urgent Care Medicine today. These urgent care centers provide many benefits, especially for the parent or caregiver of a young child. Approximately 85% of urgent care centers are open seven days a week, making it a great choice for late night medical questions or a reference need of a list of doctors. Additionally, an estimated 3 million patients visit urgent cares each week, according to the Urgent Care Association of America.

Does your baby have all of its comfort needs?

Regardless of how smooth or difficult the transition process is, you are likely to experience some amount of worry. Even if your new baby is healthy and safe, you will worry about their comfort. Ensure that they have all of their necessary comfort items available. This will make them feel better, and it will help to ease any of your worries.

Relax and know that you planned accordingly

As long as your new caregiver is experienced, familiar with your new baby, and has an updated list of the best doctors you have, everything will work out. It is perfectly normal to experience regret and to feel ashamed at leaving your new baby with a new person. However, it is a normal part of the growing up process and will be an important part of their adjustment and attachment process.

The day that you finally have to leave your new baby at home with a new caregiver is a day that many new parents dread. They worry about the safety and the comfort of their baby. With the right amount of planning, including a doctors directory, an emergency plan, and directions to local emergency medical facilities, new parents will find that the transition is easier.

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