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Ibogaine treatment financing

In 2014, there were more than 47,000 people who died from some kind of fatal drug overdose. That, unfortunately, is not a number that seems like it will be going down anytime soon. From high profile celebrities to people you have never heard of who live right down the street from you, many are fighting the battle and losing when it comes to drugs.

Opiate addiction is being referred to as an epidemic, and many who suffer from it are having a very difficult time breaking away cleanly. Cocaine addiction, alcohol addiction, and other types of addiction present significant problems to the addicted. Not the least of the problems is trying to find the best drug treatment program to meet their individual needs.

Ibogaine drug treatment is an option that many have had success with. If you are unfamiliar with the program, especially if you or someone you love has tried other programs before with very little success, then an ibogaine drug treatment program just might be the one to get you over that stubborn treatment hump and onto a life that has meaning and purpose once again.

The landscape of addiction has changed so dramatically over the last decade. What is available out on the streets today is so much more dangerous than ever before. Finding something to become addicted to is too easy these days. In fact, most addicts are addicted to more than one substance at a time. It is a staggering fact that 2.6 million people who struggle with addiction have a battle with alcohol and one or more illicit drug.

Some may be tempted to label all addicts as lazy and stupid, not wanting the help that could change their lives if they would only work harder for it. The fact of the matter is that none of this could be any further from the truth. People who struggle with addiction have become a prisoner of the drug they are addicted to. That drug has taken a hold of their mind and led them down a path of self-destruction that cannot be imagined by someone who has not gone through addiction themselves.

The draw to get and stay high is the kind of chemical imbalance that today’s drugs slap on an addict who might have been out for a little escape but wound up needing a fix to stay alive. The body chemicals demand it. The body chemicals dictate what the body thinks it needs to stay alive.

Ibogaine drug treatment is a treatment that changes the chemistry of the body, allowing the addict to have a fighting chance. When the chemicals in the body are put into a state where psychological change can take place, then the addict has a promising road on which to recover. It is not a mistake to think that recovery might seem hopeless to many, but with the right treatment, anything is possible.

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