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The Top 3 Ways to Get Fit That Don’t Involve Going to a Fitness Center

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Everyone knows how important exercise is when it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy body and state of mind, but despite knowing this, the overwhelming majority of Americans do not get the recommended amount of daily exercise. In fact, most Americans live largely sedentary lifestyles with limited to no physical activity whatsoever. Today’s generations are more sedentary than they’ve ever been, and for the first time in history, older generations stand a chance of outliving younger generations. Between a lack of physical activity, an over reliance on technology, and consumption of a standard American diet that’s rich in refined sugars and saturated fats, it’s easy to see why so many Americans are dangerously unhealthy.

Aside from switching to an organic, whole food, and plant based diet, the simplest, most effective way to reduce or entirely eliminate your chances of developing a chronic health condition as a result of living a sedentary lifestyle is workout! Unfortunately, the thought of joining a fitness center or taking fitness classes is enough turn many people off from wanting to exercise or start a fitness regimen altogether! But who says you need a fitness center in order to get fit and healthy? Who says you need expensive personal training lessons at a fitness center in order to get the body you want?

If the thought of working out at a sweaty, crowded, and super competitive fitness center is enough to make you want to sit back down on the couch, then you’re in luck, because there are plenty of fun activities for adults and people of all ages that can help you get fit for free or little cost. The best part is that none of them art the fitness center gym! Take a look at these examples of some of the best places to work out at for free or low cost that beat getting fit at a fitness center!

The beach

There’s a reason why toned bodies are commonly referred to as beach bodies; beach bums are actually quite buff and tough! From running, a walk along the beach, swimming, frisbee, volleyball, or just building castles in the sand, the beach provides plenty of activities that can help you get fit while having fun. Even walking in the sand provides enough of a resistance that will allow you to tone and strengthen your legs with minimal effort. Plus all those sun rays can help you get the daily recommended amount of vitamin D, a vitamin that’s essential immunity and bone and skin health.

The forest

Did you know that exercising out in nature has several documented physiological effects, such as improved mood, improved immunity, and reduced stress? Frequent camping or hiking, or even just a walk through the woods on a regular basis is a great way to get physically and mentally fit in a relatively short period of time. Hiking or a gentle walk through the woods allows you to kill two birds with one stone in term of burning calories and burning off stress.

The garden

Tending to your garden may not seem like the most strenuous or effective form of exercise but a mere half hour of gardening can burn up to 184 calories! And anyone who has seriously attempted gardening knows how physical it be between squatting, bending, lifting, twisting, turning, and carrying equipment around. Gardening also has several meditative benefits that are known stress relievers. And one of the best parts about getting fit while gardening is that you can literally eat the fruits of your labor!

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