Top 6 Benefits of Photochromic Lenses and why you need them

Americans have to adjust to the four seasons in a year by incorporating various mechanisms to live comfortably. Crystal clear lenses are necessary in various seasons because they protect against sharp rays from the sun and they also enable individuals to have a clear vision in winter when there is less light. Choosing the right lenses is therefore essential in spring when sun exposure increases.

Having two pairs of Oakley oil rig replacement lenses is the normal way for many people. However, juggling two pairs of glasses is annoying because you have to keep changing. That’s where photochromic lenses come into rescue. They possess the ability to change colors depending on the light intensity. Here are other reasons why you need to have photochromic lenses this fall.

1. They are Durable

Studies show that an American sits on, loses, or breaks a pair of sunglasses every 14 minutes. It may seem careless, but this is not the case. Most of the sunglasses out there are of poor quality where both the frame and the lenses break at the slightest exposure to pressure. However, photochromic replacement lenses are durable enough and won’t break with ease even after sitting on them. They have strong frames and lenses that can withstand some pressure.

2. Adapt to Environmental Changes

One of the main reasons why you should have photochromic lenses is because they are adaptable to environmental changes. Some people experience serious eye problems when they move from indoor to outdoor or the other way. These lenses adapt to both environments, and you will not realize when changes occur. If you are looking for lenses that will adapt to high or low brightness, you need to get Oakley replacement lenses immediately.

3. Antiglare Technology

Anti glare technology is a recent technique that has been incorporated in the manufacture of sunglass lenses that prevent eye strain. As highlighted earlier, some sunglasses don’t adapt to changes in light intensity. A slight change in light intensity causes many people to experience eye strain and discomfort. However, photochromic lenses have incorporated anti-glare properties which reduce eye strain and glare from the sun. Most of the polarized lenses are photochromic, which enables them to deal with glare from the sun.

4. Protect Against UV Rays

Every person who has had eye problems knows UV rays provide a nightmare situation. In summer, thousands of people are diagnosed with various eye problems, most of which result from ultraviolet and infrared rays from the sun. However, photochromic transition lenses protect against harmful UV and infrared rays. They are made such that they absorb most of the energy from the rays, thereby making them harmless. They are clear lenses that will protect you in spring and summer when UV rays strike with huge intensity.

5. Available for Most Prescriptions

People have different eye problems, such as short-sightedness and long-sightedness. To address these weaknesses, various types of prescription lenses have been manufactured. You will come across many people with custom-lenses which have been manufactured to address their specific eye weaknesses. On the other hand, photochromic lenses have also been made to address the different needs of the people. If you have a specific eye problem, you can easily get photochromic lenses to address your needs.

6. Available in Different Colors

Color is a major determinant in the selection of Oakley offshoot lenses. People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to the color of their sunglasses. Polarized Replacement lenses are available in different colors, which allow all people to have one. If you need night vision lenses, you can also get them in this technology. You will be able to have a clear vision regardless of the light intensity.

Are you looking for photochromic lenses? Galaxylense offers a wide variety of replacement lenses for you to choose. You can as well get photochromic lenses from the store. You don’t have to juggle with a pair of clear lenses when you can get lenses that have photochromic technology and move with ease in any light intensity.

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