What Are Hemp Honey Products?

When it comes to wellness, CBD wellness products are becoming quite popular. It is important to note that there is a difference between hemp CBD and cannabis CMD. Hemp CBD contains THC at less than .3%. CBD hemp extract is also used with super foods like honey to create a powerful healing product.

The Combination of Honey and Hemp Is Revolutionary

What is now known as ‘hemp honey’ is the combination of hemp and honey to create hemp honey products. Raw honey by itself has many healing benefits, just like CBDs. Combining the two has brought forth a hemp honey product line that provides health benefits without a psychoactive high.

What Are the Healing Powers of a Hemp Honey Product?

CBD helps with anti-inflammatory and stomach problems, as well as other types of maladies. Honey also has healing powers when it comes to seasonal allergy relief, enzymes and digestive aid. Infusing the two offers people healing powers for anti-inflammatory relief, pain-relief and anti-anxiety relief all available within a hemp honey product that can also be infused with essential oils.

Which Has the Best Benefits the Honey, the CBD or the Hemp?

The answer is all of them! When honey, CBD oil and hemp are all combined to create a hemp honey product it can help people who have been involved in traumatic events and now suffer from anxiety related to those events. Traumatic events such as car injuries, head injuries and PTSD can all be treated using a hemp honey product that greatly relaxes even the highest levels of anxiety.

How to use a Hemp Honey Product

There are many ways to use hemp honey products. Just a little goes hemp honey goes a long way. Honey itself is the comforting carrier for CBD that is easily added to tea or eaten much like a honey stick. Consider it to be a healing, super food that has the added benefit of saving bees. Using hemp honey no matter how it is made is a great way to support honey bees, the economy and our food supply.

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