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What Does Someone With a CNA Job Do?

Nursing is a very popular field to go into, and there are many options within nursing. A CNA job is a popular option for most people. But what does someone with a CNA job do? Keep reading to find out.

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Let’s start with what the CNA job is. People with a CNA job are certified nursing assistants and usually work in residences or hospitals.

The first big part of a CNA job is helping patients or residents with hygiene. This can include helping them shower, brush their teeth, and get dressed.

Working a CNA job in a hospital is a little different than in a residence. In the hospital, CNAs will bring the blood, stool, or urine samples to the lab, pick up non-narcotic drugs from the pharmacy, and restock shelves as needed.

In a residence, the CNA is very similar day to day. Since most residents have some form of dementia, sticking to a routine is very important. In this setting, CNAs will perform the same care at the same time each day for residents, such as showering at the same time each day.

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