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Why CPAP Machines Should Be a Regular Part of Your Sleep Apnea Treatment

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Sleep apnea isn’t just a disruption to a good night’s sleep ? this condition can quickly lead to health problems and can even be fatal. In fact, people with untreated sleep apnea are three times as likely to develop heart disease, and are four times more likely to have a stroke as well. It’s a condition whose effects go far beyond the annoyances of being a loud snorer.

That’s why many with sleep apnea are instructed to use CPAP machines, which have been proven to reduce or even reverse the effects of sleep apnea. The benefits of treating sleep apnea with CPAP masks are many. Yet a staggering 80% of people who have these machines don’t use it enough to keep them safe.

Still not convinced you should be using a CPAP machine? Here are three reasons why CPAP machines are an essential component of treating obstructive sleep apnea:

CPAP masks help prevent stroke

As stated before, untreated sleep apnea has been linked to strokes. A stroke, which is a sudden loss of brain function, is actually one of the top causes of death and long-term disability in the country. Because CPAP machines effectively control the effects of sleep apnea, they can help reduce or even eliminate your risk for having a stroke.

CPAP masks improve your overall health

In addition to reducing your risk for stroke, heart disease and other serious conditions, these machines have been shown to boost your overall well-being as well. Patients who correctly use their CPAP masks at night report feeling more alert during the day, have an easier time concentrating and experience mood stability. All great reasons to put your CPAP machine to good use!

CPAP masks are great for older patients

Did you know that patients aged 60 and older are especially likely to benefit from CPAP technology? Studies show they’re five times more likely to need heated humidification, which CPAP masks can provide. They can also help reduce one’s medical expenses, particularly for seniors, who are more at risk for the health conditions linked to sleep apnea like stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

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